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Submit a Banner

Banners, in this sense, are the photos that appear across the top of all pages on Perfect Duluth Day — not to be confused with the paid advertisements on the right side of the page, which some people refer to as “banner ads.”

To submit a banner photo, e-mail your JPEG file to:

banners @

The image must be 960 pixels wide by 167 pixels high. The Perfect Duluth Day logo will be added by PDD’s art department.

The lower portion of banner photos serve as background to the navigation bar, so crop your image with that in mind. Make sure essential elements are not in the area that will be obscured.

You will not be notified if your photo has been accepted or rejected. If you don’t see it after a few weeks and you’re convinced that it’s totally awesome and couldn’t possibly be rejected, feel free to inquire about it at the e-mail address above.

Click to see all of PDD’s current banners stacked on a page.

Click to see a slideshow of PDD’s 2009 to 2012 banner collection.

Click to see a slideshow of PDD’s 2005 to 2008 banner collection.

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