Paid positions at Perfect Duluth Day open rarely, but enterprising individuals are always welcome to send a résumé to Paul Lundgren — paul @ perfectduluthday.com — to get on his radar.

There is, however, one open position at this time:
PDD Calendar Editor

Perfect Duluth Day is seeking an entertainment writer to serve as editor of its online events calendar. The primary duties of the position are to gather and organize information about Duluth-area events and present it clearly and succinctly.

This is a part-time, independent contractor position with a flexible schedule. The PDD Calendar editor will be expected to work from home, approximately 10 hours per week, and also meet weekly to collaborate with interns and other calendar support staff.

The ideal candidate will have as many of the following qualities as possible:

  • A degree in English, journalism or communications
  • Experience in entertainment reporting
  • An outgoing personality and a passion for arts and entertainment (which in this case includes sports, politics and other activities)

Basically, we are looking for someone who either has a lot of knowledge about (and enthusiasm for) Duluth events, or someone who just writes really well. If we can find a person with both qualities, that would be a bonus.

To apply, send a résumé to Paul Lundgren — paul @ perfectduluthday.com. Deadline for applying is Friday, Oct. 3.