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Inexpensive skateboard

Finding myself recently laid off, I have decided to get a start on my midlife crisis by buying a skateboard.  Being laid off (need a database person?) I don’t want to spend too much but being a gearhead I know I want something decent to learn with.  Where should I go in the Twin Ports to find such a board?

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  1. I can’t say anything about price, but if I wanted a skateboard, I’d go to Freestyle.

    Karasu | Mar 15, 2010 | New Comment
  2. Damage is a shop in Lincoln Park, about 18th W and Superior St, lakeside.

    Get yourself some pads too.

    mevdev | Mar 15, 2010 | New Comment
  3. As a geezer/skateboarder myself, I have to ask -- are you looking to rip up the new Wheeler Field skatepark or just looking for some stylish transportation?

    Resol | Mar 15, 2010 | New Comment
  4. An unemployed database guy? What is the world coming to? Seriously.

    huitz | Mar 15, 2010 | New Comment
  5. @Resol, I’m not looking to do any crazy stuff, just stylish transportation and exercise.

    @Huitz -- I agree.

    markm | Mar 15, 2010 | New Comment
  6. In that case I’d consider getting a longboard, which are smoother and faster (great for cruising -- if you want to stay on the ground). Or if you end up getting a freestyle (small f) board get the biggest softest wheels you can find. The poor pavement in Duluth makes a small-wheeled skateboard frustratingly slow.

    Resol | Mar 15, 2010 | New Comment
  7. +1 on big, soft wheels for cruising

    Nick | Mar 15, 2010 | New Comment
  8. I have a skateboard that I haven’t used much. If you are interested email me:

    Meghann | Mar 15, 2010 | New Comment
  9. Anyone know if capt. Dan is still putting out his Roadkill cruisers?

    zra | Mar 15, 2010 | New Comment
  10. lojasmo | Mar 15, 2010 | New Comment
  11. In regards to the job thing: tends to have a lot of computer/web related jobs openings.. yeah none of it is in Duluth, but sometimes physical location matters less than ability with the interwebz and all.

    I realize the overwhelming likelihood is it won’t help at all, but just on the random chance it does.

    edgeways | Mar 15, 2010 | New Comment
  12. Oh, and: Duluth Skateboarders GTFO.

    adam | Mar 16, 2010 | New Comment
  13. Don’t get a longboard. You will look like a kook/fratboy/trustfundster. Unless of coarse, you are one of the above.

    cam | Mar 20, 2010 | New Comment
  14. I ride a longboard.

    I am neither a kook, fratboy or trustfunder, and you’d be hard pressed to mistake me for one.

    zra | Mar 20, 2010 | New Comment

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