Christmas Posts

Where’s the best place to watch the Christmas City of the North Parade?

Where’s the best place to watch the Christmas City of the North Parade? I usually watch it from home, in front of the fire, on TV, with a hot toddy. You?

Merv Griffin – “Christmas City”

Christmas city, wonderful city
All dressed up in snow and mistletoe
Christmas city, wonderful city
Come this Christmas to the Christmas city I’ll go

Christmas lights in Duluth

This is our third winter in Duluth (so we still consider ourselves newbies) and we’re wondering if anyone could recommend a good neighborhood/area for Christmas light displays or recommend a good route.  (Please be specific; I get lost easy, especially downtown.)

Thanking you sincerely in advance,
the NewKid

Bob Dylan’s “Must Be Santa”

Harkening back to akjuneau’s post from when the album was first released, here’s Bob Dylan’s video single from his recent “Christmas in the Heart” album. What’s your take on the visuals as well as the audio? Will you be popping this in the rotation during your family mixer?

Christmas Eve Celebration Downtown Duluth @ Encounter

Christmas Eve Meal and Worship at Hillside and the Encounter

Forecasters are calling for some big time Christmas Eve snow so this could be a classic opportunity to snowshoe downtown, get a great meal, celebrate the original meaning of Christmas and maybe even walk away with a gift or two for the kiddies. My favorite part? After years of being part of all kinds of spiritual traditions around the world, finally at this party I see people of all shapes, stripes and shades joining together as one. That is truly a beautiful very Duluthy thing for me and I’d love to see some of my PDD pals there, too.

In any event, Merry Christmas, folks.

Last-minute Christmas

So, I have waited until the last second to buy my Christmas gifts. As someone who does not drink (ever) I need some help.

Which area microbrewery is the best? Where can/should I buy their products? Can anyone recommend any Minnesota-made wines? Where can I buy them in Duluth?

A North Country Holiday

A few months ago in this post about Bob Dylan’s Christmas CD someone remembered an old radio show that I did called “A North Country Holiday.” It was never released as a CD but it was distributed to stations and a few other media outlets using CDs since neither of the stations I did it for (KAXE-Grand Rapids and KUMD-Duluth) had a satellite uplink.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

We are looking to get our first Christmas Tree, but need some advice on where to go for a good deal. Any suggestions?

Bentleyville Tour of Lights – Bayfront Park Duluth – Christmas City of the North


The Bentleyville Tour of Lights is open every day, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., until Jan. 2. There are buses and trains to take you there and cookies and hot chocolate waiting for you. It’s free.

So, what’s your take on Dylan’s Christmas album?

Much has been written the past few days about Bob Dylan’s new Christmas album.

Anyone here in his birthplace care to weigh in?