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Iron Ore Mine in Northern Wisconin

The sloughs of the Bad River comprise 40 percent of the coastal wetlands of Lake Superior. A mining company is now drilling test wells it hopes will eventually lead to a 22-mile-long open-pit iron ore mine in the wooded, rolling hills at the headwaters of the Tyler Forks and Bad Rivers.

Pollutants associated with iron ore mining include sulfuric acid, arsenic, copper, mercury and phosphorous. The Republican-led Wisconsin legislature has passed legislation exempting iron ore mines from complying with environmental standards. The proposed mine will turn these beautiful woods into an industrial wasteland, and severely threaten the Bad River Indian tribe.

The Two Faces of Al Franken


Minnesota Senator Al Franken loves Big Brother.

The State of Minnesota withdraws from mercury pollution project

An article in the Duluth News Tribune (read here) says the state of Minnesota is withdrawing from a research project regarding mercury pollution in the St. Louis River, even though much of the river’s fish are inedible to women and children, and despite the fact that 1 out of 10 North Shore infants have unsafe levels of mercury in their blood. The article states that sources of mercury in the environment are well known. They include power plants, taconite plants and sulfate pollution ( like the pollution from sulfide mining). Officials from the MPCA said the state first needs more research on how mercury behaves in nature, but later in the article the proposed study is said to have included new research on how mercury behaves in the environment. Huh? It seems this research would be especially timely due to proposed copper -sulfide mining in Northern Minnesota.

Artisan Bread at Red Mug

A while back PDD people were clamoring for artisan breads. Well, you can now get the real stuff at the Red Mug Bake Shop in Superior, from noon Thursday through Friday, at least through the winter. They are made by Dave Hanlon, whose breads you may have tasted at past Land Trust benefits. That’s about all I know.

Norman Pettingill: Outsider artist from Superior

Has anyone heard of this guy? Norman Pettingill was born in Iron River, Wis. in 1896. He moved to Superior in 1937. He was known for his “backwoods humor” postcards. A hardcover (plywood, actually) book on his work came out in 2010, with an introduction by R. Crumb, who published Norman’s work in the ’80s. He died in 1991.

New Standard Encyclopedia 1933

Duluth Motorcycle Mechanic?

Where do I find a good motorcycle mechanic in Duluth? I found an old PDD post on the subject, but the one guy named in it is having health problems.

Goodbye Habeas Corpus

The Senate has voted to pass the National Defense Authorization Act , which contains a provision that would allow the military to abduct American citizens, on US soil, without charges or trial, indefinitely. Ex CIA analyst Ray McGovern discusses it here. Both Minnesota senators voted yea. This is a big deal!

How’s Business?

I am wondering how Duluth small businesses are fairing during The Great Recession. I’d like to hear from business owners, employees, the self-employed , the unemployed, etc. How is business compared to, say, ’07? How are you adapting? I’m really curious about this, and I don’t want to start an overly-political thread here. So, how’s business, Duluth?

Michele Bachmann at her most coherent

Restore Our Honor (System)

Organic vegetables sold by the honor system along Highway A in Iron River, Wis.

Cravaack Town Hall

I didn’t wanted to go off topic on the thread regarding signs and free speech at the Cravaack town hall meeting, so I thought I’d start another one to discuss the content of the meeting.

Fukushima’s Potential Fallout for North America

This is from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research for April 14 through 18. You can adjust the model to run for radioactive Iodine, Cessium, etc. Here. There is no “safe” dose of radiation, according to Dr. Helen Caldicott

Let’s Discuss Social Security

Someone recently wondered why there had not been a PDD post regarding Social Security being “bankrupt.” Here goes:

Social Security currently has a 2.5 trillion dollar surplus. This is partly due to Ronald Reagan raising SS taxes on working people. Then he started to raid the fund to make it look like he could cut taxes on the rich and corporations, bloat the military, and still “balance” the budget. Well, he still wound up turning a surplus into a massive deficit, but I digress.

Duluth mentioned in film Trumbo

Dalton Trumbo was one of the “Hollywood Ten.” Duluth is mentioned in passing in the documentary Trumbo. And judging from his description of the weather he must have been here.