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Bemidji Beaver Returned

The Bemidji City Council voted on Tuesday to return the beaver sculpture which had been removed from display over concern that decorations on it resembled a pudendum. DNT story here

Downtown Ace Hardware closing

Losing Daugherty Hardware was bad enough. Now Ace Hardware downtown is closing. The big-box stores cannot compare, and downtown takes another hit. Poop!

Mayor Ness in New York Times

The mayor’s jump in the lake to support Google Fiber made a splash in the New York Times. How about that?

Bridge to Heaven

I heard that Japanese tourists visit Enger Park to view the “Bridge to Heaven,” as Park Point resembles a famous pine-tree covered sand bar in Japan. Both are viewed upside down, by bending over and looking between your legs. Here

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The Ice Is Nice


Christmas Spirit

Farmer Doug and Lois Hoffbauer , who sell xmas trees out of the farmer’s market, are offering these free trees to their neighbors. How nice is that?

Ledges Section of Lakewalk

I just learned that this section of the Lakewalk is open. Does anyone know when it opened, or the story about volunteers working on it to meet a deadline? The Private Property signs are on 23rd Ave East. The other signs are at the beginning of this section of the Lakewalk,at the end of 23rd. How about a sign that says ” Public Welcome”?

Violet Days in Nov. Funny Times

Not only is Violet Days in the November Funny Times, but Twiggy the waterskiing squirrel is shown skiing in Duluth!DSC02236

More on Skyline Parkway

Here are a few excerpts from Duluth’s Skyline Parkway Corridor Management Plan of 2003:

“New buildings should be compatible with surrounding buildings in size and scale and SHOULD NOT BLOCK IMPORTANT VIEWS.”

“Limit residential development where it can damage … IMPORTANT VIEWS.”

“Avoid lakeside (downslope) development whenever possible.”

Where in Duluth?

They could have at least added a couple coils of razor wire for ambiance.

Old Cemetery

DSC02124 DSC02121 DSC02114 DSC02119

One of the oldest and prettiest cemeteries in the area is also one of the most obscure. This one is on Cemetery Road off County Road Z, near County Road A, just south of Superior.

Al Franken at State Fair

This is Senator Al Franken drawing a map of the US from memory at the State Fair. Doggone it he IS smart enough.

Pipeline to Superior

Duluth/Superior is mentioned in this article about the pipeline which will bring Tar Sands Oil through town. Go here.

Harold Nelson Dies

Harold Nelson, the old fellow often seen walking along Central Entrance and elsewhere, was struck by a car and killed. The News Tribune has an article in the August 16th edition.

Hells Angels FAQ

My favorite question on the Hells Angels Web Site FAQ page: “Shouldn’t there be an apostrophe in Hells Angels?” I don’t think the answer is correct, but, uh, do you wanna tell ’em?