July 2016 Posts

Changes in Bookstores in the Duluth Region and Nationally

Village BookstoreLocal and national media are reflecting on the fate of the bookstore in Grand Rapids, Minn., about 70 miles from Duluth.

It’s small, smaller even than the Bookstore at Fitger’s, although it was crammed to the gills with books.

This Week: stunts, songs, socks and more

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Here’s a bit of what you’ll find in this week’s PDD Calendar:

The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce holds its 47th annual golf classic, juggler and aerialist Laura Ernst brings her stunt spectacular to the Duluth Public Library, the Duluth Huskies battle the Bullfrogs of Green Bay, the Trans+ support group holds their biweekly meeting, Beaner’s Central gives performers a chance to do their thing at their Wednesday Open Mic, the Superior Singers perform Disney songs at Barker’s Island and Charlie Parr plays his country-blues at Glensheen Mansion.

Renowned weird man David Liebe Hart stops at the Red Herring as a part of his latest tour, folks can learn about water safety and build sand castles out on Park Point, CASDA holds their Socks for Survivors Golf Scramble, the annual Northern Minnesota Swap Meet and Car Show is at the Itasca County Fairgrounds in Grand Rapids, the 13th annual Free Range Film Festival gives film buffs a chance to see flicks in a barn, Bold Choice Theatre presents an old-fashioned mystery set in a mansion, the 125th anniversary of Skyline Parkway is celebrated with a family picnic and the Goo Goo Dolls perform with Collective Soul at Bayfront Park.

The Loop

Looking for an article about “The Loop.”

Charlie Parr – “Remember Me If I Forget”

This video is from a Skype session recorded during last summer’s Frendly Gathering festival in Vermont. In an interview at the end, Parr references the famous Proctor La-Z Boy DWI incident.

Upcoming gig: Parr plays on the pier at Glensheen Mansion on July 27.

Think of the Children!!

The Duluth alligator menace continues unabated as this exclusive footage shows

Where in Duluth? #146


Time for another installment of Perfect Duluth Day’s ultra-thrilling photo-trivia sensation. Where in Duluth was this shot taken?

Algoma Guardian enters Duluth Shipping Canal during storm

How do you navigate a 729-foot vessel through the Duluth Shipping Canal during 80 m.p.h. winds? Very carefully.

Video by Dennis O’Hara.

Plant of Zenith Furnace Company at West Duluth

Zenith Furnace Company Duluth

Zenith Furnace Company was organized in 1902 and located on St. Louis Bay at 59th Avenue West. The company manufactured pig iron and byproducts of coal gas, ammonia and coal tar. In 1931 the company was acquired by Interlake Iron Corporation and was a source of steel during World War II for use in government defense equipment. It closed in 1962.

Teen for God

Heather JacksonThe summer I turned sixteen the swelter at camp was relentless. Each afternoon the temperature peaked — 101, 102, even rising past 103 degrees — and campers dropped like flies from the heat. Or like grasshoppers, really. Have you ever seen a grasshopper before it keels over under a body-blistering sun? It jumps erratically, its center of balance overridden by an instinct of perpetual motion, and then it just stops, still and stiffening as its body bakes. The kids were like that — frantic in the sports field with Frisbees and soccer balls, fueled by mediocre mess hall food — and then they crumpled to the ground, unmoving until the nurse came to time their pulses and brace them for the walk to the infirmary.

The heatstroke hit the girls almost exclusively, until the nurse’s station was out of cots and they had to clear space in the back of the gym for a makeshift second infirmary. The rest of us were told to drink water and to sit in the shade as often as possible. We rolled up the legs of our pants and tucked the arms of our shirts up over our shoulders. Camp rules for girls: No tank tops, no two-piece bathing suits, no shorts shorter than an inch above the knee. Modesty always.

Far and Away: Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale MooseBroadcast television has been off the air in Duluth since the July 21 storm, so it was easy to miss CBS This Morning‘s feature on Isle Royale National Park. But, that’s why we have an internet.

CBS has tragically blocked embedding of the video in our region, so we can’t post it on this very page, but you can check it our on cbsnews.com.

On tap at Bayfront: a plethora of craft beer


Duluth’s beeriest festival, All Pints North, is coming up on Saturday. Organized by the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild, the tasting extravaganza at Bayfront Festival Park will include more than 120 breweries.

All Pints North began in 2012 and has mushroomed each successive year. In 2015, an estimated 3,500 people attended. The beer fest primarily highlights the guild’s roughly 100 members, but some national breweries participate as well.

Selective Focus: Tami LaPole Edmunds

Tami LaPole Edmunds has taken her art — repurposing clothing, jewelry and accessories — and made a successful career out of it. Art in the Alley now has two locations in Duluth.

TLE: I have been upcycling jewelry and clothing since we opened Art in the Alley 8 years ago. I love taking apart an existing garment and using it to create a totally different piece. It is like putting together a puzzle…without knowing what the final outcome will look like.

Bud Grant and the Superior Central Basketball Team

Bud Grant and

Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Bud Grant grew up in Superior and played football, basketball and baseball at Superior Central High School. This photo recently showed up Reddit, posted by user “drunkinwisconsin.”

“A bartender’s dad in my hometown of Superior, WI went to school with Bud Grant,” the post reads. “Here is his senior basketball picture, #13.”

Duluth Storm Damage Recap

Crumbled chimney bricks on the roof of the Board of Trade Building.

Crumbled chimney bricks on the roof of the Board of Trade Building.

A severe storm ripped through the Duluth area around 3:30 a.m., knocking down trees and leaving many without power and running water.

There are two confirmed deaths from the storm, both Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness campers who were part of a Boy Scouts of America Northern Tier High Adventure Program. A 39-year-old female and a 13-year-old male were killed by falling trees on the shore of Basswood Lake. Two others in the group were injured.

The Duluth Fire Department advised no travel this morning. There are multiple power lines down and streets blocked.

The Board of Trade Building is closed due to structural issues after lightning hit the chimney and sent parts of it through the roof. The neighboring Duluth Government Services Center has two weather stations on its roof, the newer of which clocked wind gusts in excess of 100 m.p.h.

Itasca Conversations: Tall Timber Days Festival

Dr. Lee Jess cuts a promo for Tall Timber Days, the 35-year-old festival he helped start in Grand Rapids. Video produced by A Plus B Productions.