January 2014 Posts

This week: sled dogs, mermaids and divas


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so it’s likely you aren’t at work. There’s a march that starts at Washington center and ends at the DECC where there’s a rally. Later this afternoon there are films and discussion at Zeitgeist.

Sen. Franken and Rep. Nolan will be at the Radisson on Tuesday for a little chat moderated by Mayor Ness.

On the theater scene there are all sorts of people. Renegade‘s All New People opens at the Teatro Zuccone on Thursday while Good People continues at The Underground. Meanwhile, there are mer-people when the Playhouse Children’s Theater presents Disney’s Little Mermaid at Marshall.

On Saturday the DSSO continues its season with a DECC concert featuring Wicked Divas while Charlie Parr releases his new album, Hollandale, at Sacred Heart with a concert.

The on again, off again John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon is set to start on Sunday at East High School. Looks like there’s enough snow and apparently they’ve raised enough money.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Call Me Mental

Tomorrow I will be embarking on a story-telling campaign to break the stigma of mental illness. The project, ‘Call Me Mental,’ is a partnership between the Human Development Center and Lola Visuals. Stories will be released in episodes online along the trip and a feature length documentary will follow later this year.

We are also asking people to submit their stories, in any format, to our website. If you choose to remain anonymous, that is absolutely okay. You can also check out our Kickstarter if you would like to help support this project.

Mystery Photo #1: Chester Bowl

This photo was purportedly shot at Chester Bowl in 1936. Who are these gals? What were they doing that day? Who shot the photo?

McKnight Exhibit of the work of Duluth Artist Catherine Meier

Congrats to Duluth artist Catherine Meier. I drove 160 miles to see her opening at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design — and it was worth it.

(Catherine Meier, “I could hear voices on the wind, Sage Creek Rim Road” (right panel), Graphite on paper)

Chinese Lantern Restaurant Fire of 1994

(Duluth News Tribune photo of Jan. 16, 1994, Chinese Lantern fire)

Back in the 1980s we lived in Silver Bay, and my parents used to make special trips down to Duluth just to go to this place. Now they drive up from the cities to visit and we’ll take them out to eat at many of the fine restaurants we have, and they’ll always comment about how great the Chinese Lantern was and how there’s nothing else like it. Even when my wife worked at the Duluth Athletic Club, before the flooding closed it, she would always hear comments like, “This place is great, but it’s no Chinese Lantern.”

So what was it about that place that people still lament its passing 20 years later?


I was in the Duluth Photography Institute last night. The current exhibit was a little spicy (about bondage) — but that’s what art institutions give us — something spicy to challenge the mind, right?


Duluth Spotify

I made a Spotify list with Duluth bands. Check it out if you want and let me know of any bands that I may have missed. Hope you enjoy!

What to do when it’s really cold outside

Just when you thought you’d seen enough of those cold videos, Henry Reich of Hayward puts all of the activities together in one.

Recommendations for residential plumber?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a fair and cost-effective plumber? I live in Lakeside and need the pipe connections to my gas hot water heater tightened and resealed. Project estimate of 1 to 2 hours.

More thoughts on Duluth neighborhoods

All of the recent postings have reignited my interest in our city’s neighborhoods. Their unique aspects are really interesting. And there are so many things I still don’t know, even after living here for 20+ years.

Duluth-area Literary Vibe: Zines, journals and other lit publications from the region

I was at the Prøve Gallery last week and was happy to see a blossoming collection of literary magazines beside the small press books from Holy Cow! and the fine art. I thought it might be fun to catch folks up on the literary publications in our community.

District 2 St. Louis County Commissioner Special Election Result

With 11 of 11 precincts reporting:

Patrick Boyle — 2,783 (65.5 percent)
Jim Stauber — 1,465 (34.5 percent)

Shipping Season Finale!

The tug, Heritage Marine, was busy breaking ice in a Duluth harbor slip in preparation for one of the shipping season’s last arrivals. Still photographs of the ice breaking may be accessed the NorthStarNerd’s Flickr stream.

Going without garbage service

I use Hartel DBJ as my garbage hauler and it is a great company, but I hardly produce any waste during a month. I am wondering if anyone in Duluth goes without garbage service. Can a person bring trash to a collection site and pay a fee whenever the garbage can is full? How about recycling? Are there places to bring those items?

I called WLSSD yesterday and they said they don’t take household waste and a person must have a provider to take away trash.

Ultimate Road Surfing: Duluth on Ice

My 5-block walk to the store for a mug of coffee turned into an ultimate extreme epic insane sick street surfing session.

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