October 2013 Posts

Minerva Zine Day

I publish a free feminist zine every few months and distribute it around Duluth and Superior. I’ve never posted on PDD before about it so I thought I’d try to spread the word. You can find Minerva zines around town at places like Duluth Coffee Co., Electric Fetus, Jitters, Pizza Lucé, Double Dutch, Carmody Irish Pub, Thirsty Pagan Brewing and Red Mug Coffeehouse.

The goal of Minerva is to empower women, educate, and encourage consciousness raising on issues relevant to us by the use of art, collage, images, and words. We strive to promote women to share and value their writing about individual stories and diverse experiences.

If you have more questions or are curious about our fringe publication (with very limited funds and copies), please check out minervazine.com. Peace.

Southwire picked to click

City Pages selected Duluth band Southwire as one of the groups “picked to click” in 2013. Minneapolis hip-hop artist Lizzo was picked #1. Southwire came in at #8.

PDD Awards: The Next Six

We’re going to accelerate the process of the PDD Awards IndexPDD Awards and conclude the Food & Drink category before the end of the month, then take a break so you can focus on political voting.

The next six categories to be voted on will be:

  • Best Pizza Restaurant
  • Best Burger Restaurant
  • Best Asian Restaurant
  • Best Italian Restaurant
  • Best Mexican Restaurant
  • Best Vegetarian Restaurant

So spout out your nominees for all six categories in the comments here, and we’ll start the voting when it seems like you’re about done.

Duluth Trading Co Flannelytics

The Duluth Trading Company has just posted a new blog post regarding the Top Flannel Cities in the US. I am already a tad prejudice toward them since their connection to Duluth is in name only. Now, seeing they don’t even mention Duluth, Minnesota as a flannel locale, I am even more opposed to their co-opting our city name. One would think they would at least try to open a retail store here, instead of only in southern Wisconsin and the Twin Cities area.

Duluth Little Free Library Guide

It’s been more than a year since the first post on Perfect Duluth Day about Little Free Libraries, and the trend seems to be growing. So now it’s time to update the list and include some photos to show what’s out there.

Little Free Libraries, of course, are boxes full of books where anyone may stop by and pick some up or drop some off.

(As usual, click on these photos to see them larger.)

997 84th Ave. W. (Morgan Park neighborhood)
Steve & Janelle Schoenbauer, Stewards #2336

Seventh1 Seventh2 Seventh3
16 E. Seventh St. (Central Hillside neighborhood)
Colin Engstrom, Steward #8416

1612 E. Skyline Parkway (East Hillside neighborhood)
John Pastor, Steward #2278

Jay Cooke State Park Survey

The DNR is asking whether or not to open the road from Fond du Lac.

Take the survey.

Best Lunch in the Duluth Area

Our previous poll tells us the top four lunch restaurants in Duluth are: How Sweet it is Cakes Deli, Northern Waters Smokehaus, Red Mug Coffeehouse and Bake Shop and Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake. Now it’s time to pick a winner, so again we ask …

Which restaurant serves the best lunch?

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This poll is now closed. The results are:

Northern Waters Smokehaus — 55.4 percent
How Sweet it is Cakes Deli — 21.5 percent
Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake — 13.9 percent
Red Mug Coffeehouse and Bake Shop — 9.2 percent

Feet of Lake Superior

A brief tour of Lake Superior — by foot.

Feeling assailed by feline

Does Animal Allies have a bad-kitty pickup service?

No parking on Central Avenue

I just noticed this No Parking sign on Central Avenue near Nicollet Street. While I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car parked on this block (there’s really no reason to park there as there are no houses or businesses on that block), I think I’d be pretty irked if I got a ticket for parking there.

Halloween Banners 2013

It’s the annual call for Halloween banners on PDD.

This week: drummms innnn spaaaace!


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Check out all of the Halloween happenings on the calendar, including Zombie Fest on Friday at the Scottish Rite Auditorium, the Haunted Shack at Buffalo House starting this weekend, and a “Not So Scary” Concert for Kids by the DSSO at Denfeld on Saturday.

When I walk into a planetarium the first thing I think is “drum solo.” Well, maybe not, but apparently that’s what Gene Koshinski thought, cause he’s doing a percussion set at the UMD Planetarium on Tuesday accompanied by a planetarium show.

Katherine Boo, writer for The New Yorker and The Washington Post, talks about poverty in India at Mitchell Auditorium on Wednesday.

Your last chance to visit the Lincoln Park Farmers Market at the Harrison Community Center this season is this Thursday.

In theater news Die Fledermaus, Johan Strauss’ comedic operetta, opens at UMD on Thursday and runs through SundayA Wrinkle in Time opens at the Duluth Playhouse on Friday and runs two weekends, and Rubber Chicken is doing the Chicken Hat Plays again this Saturday at the Harbor City Theater in which a team of writers, actors and directors create eight new short plays in 24 hours.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Good restaurant with good wine

I know where to go for good beer and food in the area, but not so much anymore where to go for good wine and food. I know Bellisio’s touts its wine selection. What else is there? Lake Avenue Cafe? Va Bene? Others? I like places that make an effort to feature local, sustainable and organic food.

Call for HG2013 Photos

A blustery fall day seems like a good day to get an early start on Homegrown 2013 photo wrangling for next year’s Field Guide. With an earlier start, hopefully this can evolve into better curation and collaboration. Send me stuff & questions: transistormag [/] gmail.

Homegrown is also in the process of planning a website / photo archive / history overhaul, so we will be looking for a “motherfucking sub-committee” for that, if I remember my meeting notes correctly seeking input.


Lost Car Key at Hawk Ridge

My friend lost a Subaru key while she was running the trails behind Hawk Ridge – snowmobile trail, Amity Trail, Superior Hiking Trail. Replacing it will cost her $260. Have you seen it?