February 2010 Posts

Excusez moi–c’est Walt?

When did Walt the Zamboni guy become the French curling coach?

Walt Not Walt

Interview with Sparhawk

There’s a pretty good interview with Al about Retribution Gospel Choir and Low (among other things) here on AVClub.com today. I assume this means the interview will be in this week’s print issue of The Onion as well.

Brewing beer in Duluth and Superior

Topic #1: According to a story from the Associated Press, a Minnesota House panel will consider a bill today that would make it legal to brew beer in basements. The story specifically references home brewers. Personally, I have brewed beer in at least two different Minnesota basements, and I had no idea it was illegal to do so.

Reading what I think is the overview of the bill, however, it seems to have nothing to do with home brewing. It’s about producing “beer or other beverages for commercial sale.” Am I missing something?

Topic #2: The local micro brewing industry sure seems to be taking off. In addition to Lake Superior Brewing Co., Fitger’s Brewhouse and Thirsty Pagan Brewing, Carmody Irish Pub began brewing beer recently and a brewpub is in the works at Clyde Park. Further into the future, another brewpub could be popping up in Canal Park at the old Duluth Spring Co. location. I wonder how the total gallons produced in the area will compare to 50 years ago.

Tweedy with ‘teenaged boy who claims he’s the mayor’

Thanks PDD for the help with the proclamation.  Wilco was very gracious about it and accepted it in good humor.  I half expected that it would be handed off to a roadie for disposal.  Not only did Jeff take it on stage, it then played a prominent role in the show.  That was amazing.  I’m also glad everyone got a good laugh at my expense – it’ll take me a while to live that one down.  Fortunately, I have a pretty good start on grey hairs and a beer belly – and with the stress of the job, I’ll have that ‘teenaged boy’ label taken care of in no time.

Scenes from frosty Gooseberry Falls

Check out 21 photos from Gooseberry Falls State Park and the north shore of Lake Superior in this slide show by MPR photographer Nate Minor.

Looking for cheap entertainment?

Tiny Moving Parts
The People Say Fox
Leif Hinkel

5 p.m. | $4 | all ages
The Encounter | 201 E. First St.

Come have some fun and enjoy the positive vibes and jones soda, etc., etc.

Could any of these gals still be around?


As you can see, this picture is dated 1919. The girls look to be of elementary school age, so maybe one of them is still around today.

The location of the picture is the old Denfeld High School on Central Avenue, which is now Laura MacArthur Elementary School. There must have been elementary classes in the old Denfeld, or these are just random kids from the neighborhood, because none of them look old enough to be in high school.

The old Denfeld/MacArthur building will be torn down after the new MacArthur is built, but hopefully the old house in the background will keep on keepin’ on.


Cracker changed its venue

Just a heads-up to anyone planning to attend the Cracker show that was scheduled at Grandma’s Sports Garden on Sunday night. The show has been moved to Beaner’s Central.

Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. I just thought I’d pass along the information. And oh, yeah, the ticket price has been reduced too.

Cracker, with opener Brandy Shearer
Beaner’s Central
324 N. Central Avenue
Sunday, Feb. 21

Wilco rocked Duluth again … I think.

One of the many Perfect Duluth Days was punctuated with I had hoped be the Perfect Duluth night … an evening with WILCO live on stage at the DECC.  I had bought tickets months before and had been anticipating the night ever since.  Unfortunately, instead of waking up this morning, thinking what a GREAT concert, I woke up thinking…WTF was wrong with the people in our row at the concert.  The self-indulgent, self-centered, group that could not or would not just stand there, dance and enjoy the amazing music the band was putting out.

2010 Olympics Medal Count – Real-time

Draft Proclamation – Suggestions?

The following is my first draft of the Wilco proclamation.  I found it harder to write than I thought it would be.  So your thoughts and suggestions would be helpful….  Move quickly, I need to finish this up by 4 p.m. today.

Whereas, most Duluth bands have many of the following characteristics:

1) At least one band member looks like a musician-sized lumberjack

Where can I buy a blender part locally?

We need a new rubber seal for the blender – you know the “o” that goes between the jar and the blade.

The original one got caught in the blade and was destroyed. Shortly after that happened, Big E did a little surgery on something purchased at Marshall Hardware and managed to cobble together something that works semi-decent. The rubber has gotten hard and it no longer seals well, I’d like to get a bona fide blender part.

I can order online for 4 bucks for the part + at least that much in shipping. I’m in search of a local place to buy one of those o-ring rubber seals for a blender.

Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles on KUMD and @ Pizza Luce w/ TBT

For some reason this Minneapolis gypsy, folk super-group has yet to set foot in Duluth but the wait is finally over. A regular main-stay at Minneapolis venues such as the Cedar, the Dakota and First Avenue, tonight they open for Trampled By Turtles @ Pizza Luce. It will be hard to follow last night’s opening performance by Minneapolis roots-rockers A Night in the Box, though Michelle & co. will certainly cease your attention. Trampled By Turtles really loves their regional bands, supporting numerous, young, up and comers including A Night in the Box, Johnson Family Band, Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank and many more.

From the Get a Life Department, Winter Olympics update

It’s a drag that Duluthian John Shuster, chieftain of the United States curling squadron, has been having a tough Olympics. What’s really sad, however, is that this is totally ruining some fine American’s rich and fulfilling life.

Cross City Trail in Duluth — Connecting the Munger Trail and Lakewalk at last

The links below are to PDF files of maps showing proposed routes for the Cross City Trail, connecting the Willard Munger State Trail with the Duluth Lakewalk.

Page 1 – 75th Avenue West to 66th Avenue West area
Page 2 – 66th Avenue West to Central Avenue area
Page 3 – Central Avenue to Ramsey Street area
Page 4 – Ramsey Street to 40th Avenue West area
Page 5 – 40th Avenue West to 29th Avenue West area
Page 6 – 29th Avenue West to 18th Avenue West area
Page 7 – 18th Avenue West to Mesaba Avenue area
Page 8 – Mesaba Avenue to the Lakewalk area