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Kicksled Rental

Now that it’s a winter wonderland outside, my family and I can’t wait to play in the snow!  When we’re down in the Cities having fun, we like to rent kicksleds, but here in Duluth I can’t find any place that seems to offer them.  I know where to find skis and snowshoes, sleds and ice skates, but I have yet to locate any kicksled rental.  Please tell me I’ve missed something. It’s hard to imagine a place much better suited to the fun that kicksledding has to offer, but it appears the Duluth area might be missing out. Thanks for any insight!

Duluth Dentists

My former dentist retired recently and the dentist who took over his practice seems to me like he’s running a scam.  After a couple of questionable experiences, I won’t be going back.  I have plenty of friends who love their current places, but it seems like those dentists are all on the verge of retirement themselves.  So, I turn now to PDD for advice.  I am seeking a dentist who:

  • Is currently accepting new patients
  • Is not planning on retiring in the next 5-10 years
  • Is good with children
  • Won’t try to scam me on prices or leave my mouth worse off than before I went in

I never understood why people hated going to the dentist until I encountered a true scumbag years ago during an insurance switch.  While most of the dentists I’ve had have been wonderful, I’ve seen the other side, and no sir, I don’t like it!  So tell me please, who makes you smile?

Duluth Home Improvement

So with spring right around the corner (let’s pretend, shall we?) it’s time to start planning all of those lovely projects that are part of the joys of being a home owner.  This year, our house is definitely going to need to be repainted, but because of the way we’re nestled into the hillside, this is not a project we want to attempt on our own. We’re dreading spending the money, but it must be done!

Please help ease our anxiety by sharing your recommendations for reputable house painters.  Anyone know how much one might generally expect to pay for a typical two-story home on the hill to be scraped/washed and painted?

While we’re at it, we plan on pricing out maintenance-free siding.  Recommendations for type of siding and contractors are also appreciated!

And just because we’re not feeling poor enough yet, also on our wish list are some new windows.  What brands are the best?  Who should we hire to install them?   Just to cover all of our bases, if you know a good plumber, now is the time to sing their praises!

Is that a long enough list?  Share your horror stories and happy endings here!

Children’s Items – Rummage Sale

Friends of UMD Children’s Place is holding a rummage sale.  Avoid the Park Point chaos this Saturday, June 13 from 9-3 at 136 West Anoka St.  (Directions: Arrowhead to Woodland. Left (North) on Woodland. Left on Anoka.) We have Children’s Items Only!

  • Tons of clothing for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool aged kids
  • Toys of all kinds
  • Strollers, slings, carriers
  • Booster seats, potty chairs, baby bath tubs, diaper pails
  • Lots more!

Many familes have donated items, and all profits will be dontated to the UMD Children’s Place.  Items are priced to sell and most merchandise will be 50% off after 2pm.  Come check us out!

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