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Video Archive: 1988 Denfeld Hockey

Part of the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament experience is the creation of a cheesy music video highlighting the school and the team. The Hunters did not disappoint with this clip. Yes, there are all the mullets and protruding bangs you would expect, along with plenty of guitar air-jamming.

Video Archive: Christopher Halverson – “Hollywood”

The intro song is Syd Straw’s “Future 40s (String of Pearls).” Then Halverson kicks into his original “Hollywood,” which was a mainstay over the years in his sets with bands such as the Mighty Shock Tower, Sloe Loris, Verona, A Band Called Truman, etc.

This one is from deep in the archives — recorded by UWS Studio II at R.T. Quinlan’s on Sept. 16, 1995. Produced by Brandon Leno. Edited by Brandon Leno and Margo Abramson. The one and only Eric Swanson was on the sound board. Production assistance by Renee Hudacek, Melissa Long, Paul Lundgren, Dinelli Seneviratne and Nathan Steigman.

Video Archive: Low video “Over the Ocean” premiere on MTV from 1996

MTV’s Matt Pinfield introduces the premiere of Low’s “Over the Ocean” video during the program 120 Minutes. The video was directed by Philip Harder; the song is from Low’s album The Curtain Hits the Cast.

Video Archive: Bad Company and Damn Yankees at the DECC Arena in 1991

Bad Company played Grand Casino Hinckley last night with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. Twenty-two years ago, Bad Company toured with Damn Yankees and played the DECC Arena.

The memorable part of the show was that the news came out during the concert that the Gulf War had ended. Ted Nugent celebrated by shooting a cutout of Saddam Hussein with his crossbow. (This seemed spontaneous, but it was actually something he was doing throughout the tour, because he’s Ted Nugent and that’s what he does.)

Video Archive: Duluth Kiss Concert

Yes, it’s the TV ad promoting the Kiss concert at the DECC Arena in 1990, a topic also covered in a post from six years ago.

Video Archive: Homegrown 2003

Here’s a sloppy VHS version of KDLH-TV’s coverage of the 2003 Homegrown Music Festival, including clips from the only Homegrown Kickball Classic ever held at the Wade softball fields — and the only time a TV news personality was invited to participate in the game.

Starfire’s fabulous mohawk appears near the end, although the quality of the video doesn’t do it justice.

Video Archive: 1989 World Series Earthquake

Duluth sports anchors report on the Oct. 17, 1989, Loma Prieta Earthquake that disrupted the World Series at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. Featuring WDIO’s Steve LePage and KBJR’s Paul Guggenheimer.

Video Archive: Locker Room gets Blastered

The Third Base Bar on Tower Avenue in Superior used to be the Locker Room Lounge and Grill. Here is pro wrestling’s Gary “The Blaster” Lindgren extolling the virtues of the Locker Room, circa 1989.

Video Archive: Ball Scuffing

joe_niekroAug. 5, 1987: Paul Guggenheimer mans the sports desk to deliver the news that Twins pitcher Joe Niekro has been suspended for possession of an emery board and sandpaper. Plus, highlights of a Twins/Angels game; the downside is the Twins lose, the upside is they went on to win the World Series that year.

Video Archive: 2003 Geek Fashions

One week prior to the Hospital People morning-show spazzing, there was a brief fashion show on NewsChannel 3 This Morning to highlight what some of the uncool kids would be wearing to Geek Prom. Set the Wayback Machine to Spring 2003.

By the way, morning-show host Scott McLinden is in Texoma, Texas, these days, anchoring News 12 at Nine on FOX 12. (I can’t remember the name of the co-host in this clip). Geek Prom MC Jonathan Lee is at the desk with them. Fashion models are Scott Lunt, Amy Abts, yours truly Paul Lundgren, Michelle Rowley and August Rowley.

Video Archive: The Hospital People

This recently unearthed clip from KDLH-TV’s Newschannel 3 This Morning, features the Hospital People performing the song “Crash” in support of their April 2003 Geek Prom gig at the NorShor Threatre.

There is nothing quite like rawking and spaz dancing at 6 a.m. Maybe that’s why the video is so faded.

Video Archive: Louis Jenkins reading in 1976

These clips are from the short film From the Museroom: A Sampler of Minnesota Poets, shot in 1976 during a Poetry Collective benefit at the Firehouse in Minneapolis, Minn. Above: “Violence on Television.” Below: “Dream of Wealth.”

Video Archive: Robert Bly in 1976, interpreting Rumi’s poem “Feeling and Thinking”

This is an excerpt of the short film “From the Museroom: A Sampler of Minnesota Poets,” shot during a Poetry Collective benefit at the Firehouse in Minneapolis, Minn.

“Feeling and Thinking” by Rumi

Someone struck Zayd a hard blow from behind. He was about to retaliate, when his assailant cried, “Let me ask you a question: first answer it, then strike me. I struck the nape of your neck, and there was the sound of a slap. Now I ask you in a friendly way — ‘Was the sound caused by my hand or by your neck, O pride of the noble?'”

Zayd said, “The pain I am suffering leaves me no time to reflect on this problem. Ponder it yourself: he who feels the pain cannot think of things like this.”

Video Archive: Dennis Anderson knocks down a few Grain Belts and shows off the film equipment

This video appears to be from the early 1970s. Watch the high-pressure air send Denny’s hairpiece flying! (Plus bonus footage: A Jack McKenna forecast.)

Video Archive: A Sunday Afternoon Walk on Central Avenue in West Duluth, circa 1940

This is the Helgeson family after church services on a Sunday in roughly 1940. They lived at 911 Central Ave. The parents are George and Rose. Their sons are G. Lewis, Robert, John and Paul.