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How to Talk Minnesotan (Mocumentary)

how-to-talk-minnesotanVisiting or moving to Minnesota? Learn the native language and customs and feel right at home with simple lessons from the 1993 Twin Cities Public Television documentary “How to Talk Minnesotan.”

Lift Bridge meme

Duluth makes it on

Church Sign Fail

Old photos of West Duluth on Facebook

West Duluth Memories (Duluth, Minnesota)

Detailed Minneapolis Panoramic


The infamous ”Winnebago Man” has Duluth ties (mentioned at about 1:50)

Jack Rebney of the movie Winnebago Man apparently worked in Duluth back in the day.

(Click “continue reading” to see the video. There is a 30-second commercial on the front end and it starts automatically, so it’s not home-page friendly.)

I had always assumed …

Duluth Family Sauna

Roscoe’s Pioneer Bar

This post originally contained a video about Roscoe’s Pioneer Bar on Blip.TV. The video was eventually removed from the source.