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Duluth weather on CBS This Morning

Duluth appeared briefly on CBS This Morning‘s story “Heavy snow and winds wreak havoc for holiday travelers.” At the 1:46 mark in the video above, Duluth is shown as reporter DeMarco Morgan notes “Minnesota had windchills as cold as 35 degrees below zero.” (CBS forces a commercial at the front of the video; PDD apologizes for it.)

Frankie MacDonald: Major snowstorm to hit Minnesota; order pizzas and order your Chinese food … do it right now!

Damage Report

The lake ate big chunks of shoreline yesterday. The fort on Park Point survived the storm, just barely, but the huge white pine that stood next to it didn’t make it.

Duluth’s Frozen Wiener Storm of 2017

Photo by Shawn Thompson

The city of Duluth is advising the public that locations in Canal Park may not be accessible due to windy conditions and high waves causing water to flood some areas. The Marine Iron Parking lot located closest to the canal, some segments of Canal Park Drive and Harbor Drive have standing water. The city has put up barricades where the areas are not passable.

October Clouds

Today’s clouds over West Duluth, 5ish p.m.

Leap Day 2012 Snowmageddon Photos

At left is Rich Narum’s shot of Superior Street; at right the view from Anna Montgomery’s side door. Has anyone had the guts to wreck a camera and try shooting outside instead of through glass? Not me!

Anyway, add your best attempts in the comments.

Weather Fight!

Toughest Weather City Tournament – Midwest Bracket

Duluth vs. Des Moines in round 1. How about we go kick some Des Moinian ass eh?


  • Brutal cold and snow
  • 79.6″ snow
  • 45 days of subzero cold
  • 2 days of 90+ heat

Des Moines

  • Snow/ice, river flood, severe t-storms
  • 36″ snow
  • 15 days of subzero cold
  • 24 days of 90+ heat

Tornado Warning