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Videos: Homegrown 2021 Day Seven

Saturday’s online Homegrown Music Festival content begins with the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra‘s season-ending show, From Beethoven to Milhaud. At the 2:18:43 mark a big blawk of local rawk begins.

Red Cape Tango at DSSO

Last night I sat alone in the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center’s Symphony Hall listening to the “Red Cape Tango” of Michael Dougherty.

There were hundreds of other people there, to be sure, some of them friends. But I feel almost certain that I was the only one who, listening to the piece, conjured mental images of the comic that inspired it.

You would like it in the Northern Plains: Duluth, Minnesota

This ad for Northern Natural Gas Company ran in Time magazine on Sept. 17, 1965. Hats off to Susie LeGarde Menz for the find.

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