Potato and molasses home brew odor vile

According to an article in the Sept. 22, 1920 Duluth Herald, the combination of potatoes and molasses in a home brew can be “quite potent.” The paper notes that Anthony Fiskett, Duluth’s acting chief of police at the time, might have needed to have his headquarters fumigated after hauling in an evidential keg of the pungent concoction.

Below is the text of the article:

Home brew odor vile.
Police stampede when keg is opened; case for Uncle Sam.

Raisins have so far been accredited with having a real kick, when allowed to ferment, but for something that will raise the roof, the police are confident nothing can approach the combination of potatoes and molasses, confined and left to stand some length of time. That it is quite potent, is evidenced by the rank odor that hangs around police headquarters this morning and is causing Acting Chief of Police A. G. Fiskett seriously to consider having the place fumigated.

Yesterday the police raided the home of John Frank Headinghouse, and, buried in the back yard, they found a keg, which from the looks had been there for some time. This, together with the prisoner was brought to the station, where an effort was made to open the keg. Caution was advised as the keg had bulged at the top and the bottom and rather than take any
risk with an ax, a gimlet was procured and one patrolman bored a hole — with startling results.

Nothing could stop the vile smelling stuff from boiling and foaming all over the place. A hasty transfer was made to the basement, but not before the place was covered with the brew.

Chief Fiskett is now wondering whether he can legally hold the prisoner on the charge of manufacturing intoxicating liquor and having mash in his possession. He does not think it possible that anyone could drink the stuff and questions whether it would be mash. He will shift the responsibility to the government and turn the man over to its officers if they want him and his “home brew.” In the meantime Headinghouse is being held at the police station.

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