PDD Quiz: PDD at 15

In honor of Perfect Duluth Day’s 15th anniversary, this quiz looks back at some famous (and infamous) PDD posts, memes, events and features. Hat tip to Paul Lundgren for supplying question ideas.

The next PDD quiz, a recap of current events from June 2018, will be published on June 24. Email question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by June 21.

#1 In 2010, PDD began collecting images of Duluth News Tribune photos of Duluthians scowling, crossing their arms, and generally looking peeved. What term is used for these images?

You can view a gallery of Upset Duluth photos (and spoofs) here.

#2 Which 2010 Duluth Playhouse production inspired someone to post about a “Nazi sighting” on PDD?

The “Nazi” in question was an actor wearing a Nazi uniform. Read the post (and ensuing comment thread) here.

#3 Which area landmark was the first to be explored by the PDD drone?

The drone captured Bentleyville in 2013; see more PDD drone videos here.

#4 PDD’s first anniversary was celebrated at this location (pictured above).

The Big Lebowski was projected on the sail structure as part of the festivities. Read more on the development of the Gateway Plaza here.

#5 What was the name of the annual cross-city walk sponsored by PDD from 2003 to 2006?

Read more about the jaunt and watch a video from the 2003 jaunt here.

#6 What is the name of the comment thread started in 2011 to document the lack of formal charges against Last Place on Earth owner Jim Carlson?

The Total Days of Bullshit Index came to an end on December 18, 2012 after 454 days.

#7 Marc Gartman appeared on a gig poster with a gaudy belt across his seductive midriff in response to a comment blowup on PDD in 2011. Which Ween album cover does this poster reference?

Read the controversial initial post and ensuing discussion here.

#8 What was strapped to the top of an automobile in the 2009 post “Redneck Sighting in Canal Park”?

Bask in the glory of the original post here.

#9 This Pet of the Week was the subject of numerous memes in 2012.

View the original post and ensuing memes here.

#10 In what year did PDD begin the Saturday Essay series?

Saturday Essays can be found here.


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Cinnamon Roll! I wonder what ever happened to him...

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