I Hafe a Feller in Duluth

Presenting yet another “Dutch Kid” pennant postcard, similar to “Mit Best Wishes from Duluth,” “Vilkome to our city of Duluth” and “Iff you vill come to Duluth ve vill lock up all de cops.” This one was mailed from Duluth to Minneapolis on Aug. 20, 1913. Translating the written message on the back will win someone the Internet championship of the day.



about 5 years ago

Here's what Reddit user carlandreas wrote on r/Norway:
Direct transcript in old Norwegian:
Nu skulde I ønske I var hos dere alle dernede. Er sikker på di har de morsomt, du maa ta de med ro nu så du kan hvile lidt ogsaa. Er de varmt hos dere? Venter til di kommer igjen og for høre om alt. Power as of Old. -E. H.
In modern Norwegian:
Nå skulle jeg ønske jeg var hos dere alle der nede. Er sikker på de har det morsomt, du må ta det med ro nå så kan du hvile litt også. Er det varmt hos dere? Venter til de kommer igjen for å høre om alt. Power as of Old. -E. H. 
And then to English:
Now I wish I was with you all down there. I’m sure you are having fun, but you have to take it easy now so you can get some rest too. Is it hot where you are? Will wait until you kom back to hear about everything. Power as of Old [in English]. -E. H.
The only thing I would say is that the sign off in English should read "Yours as of Old"

Paul Lundgren

about 5 years ago

Another Internet MVP award for HBH!

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