Collecting Stories for a Community Forum on Police at UMD

I’m unofficially writing to ask for stories to share for the “Hands Up: Police/Community Relations in Duluth” on Election night, Tuesday, Nov. 8.

This event is a forum for conversation about police and community interactions in the city of Duluth. Duluth Mayor Emily Larson, Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken, Jeremy Nevilles-Sorrell (Mending the Sacred Hoop), and Civil Rights Activist Kym Young will kick off the event with brief statements. We invite UMD students, faculty and staff to share their experiences about police encounters with our guests. Our goal is to generate action steps to keep police/community relations healthy and proactive.

Prior to the event, we have invited the campus community to share comments and stories with event planners about police interaction from anywhere, but local stories are particularly encouraged.

I am unofficially asking whether the broader community has stories to share. I will share these stories with the event organizers, though I cannot guarantee they will be used in the event.

If you have a comment or story, fill out this form. Your identity will remain confidential and anonymous.

And I hope you might consider joining us after you vote!

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