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Curious Goods in Superior

What’s the deal with Curious Goods in Superior?

If you’ve driven by 1717-1/2 Winter St. and wondered if the store ever opens, well, it doesn’t … but in a way it’s always open, on the Internet. For the past decade or so Curious Goods has basically been a warehouse for eBay items from the seller Curious-g.



about 8 years ago

On a somewhat related note; the Rose Hotel, which is right next door, used to be a brothel. 

Very beautiful on the inside, with rows of small rooms on each side of a center room which has high ceilings and has shutters that separate the room from an outer walkway that leads to the rooms.

I wasn't there when it operated as a brothel.  I swear. No really, I am not old enough for that.

Paul Lundgren

about 8 years ago

Rose Hotel in Superior

Of course I also snapped a shot of the Rose Hotel on the same day. I've never been inside. I seem to remember Doug Moen telling me he had plans in the early 1990s to open it back up as a hotel, then quickly changed his mind when the cost and amount of needed work were evaluated.


about 8 years ago

There were certainly some structural issues with the building, but I don't have any clue how he could have turned it into a viable hotel given the floor layout.  The rooms were no larger than 100 square feet and they shared a bathroom if I recall correctly.

Though each room did have a sink for cleaning up after the deed.

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