Roller Dames First Loss of the Season

Last night, the Harber City Roller Dames earned their first loss of the season against Fargo.


The game was filled with penalties — those Fargo gals played a combination of “slow derby” (crawling around the track in a pack, forming a wall) and had some nasty habits of forcing our gals out of bounds as they tried to pass.

It broke my heart to see the Norwegian Squirrel and Killah Cleta repeatedly slammed out of bounds. To see our lead, graceful angel Wright Round Ya call off the jam after just a few points would have brought a tear to my eye, if I hadn’t a tall beer with me.

I’m still learning how to use an iPad to take video, so apologies for the rough spots on these. But in one of them, you’ll see our local Head of State, Don Ness, trackside. Woot for Our Fearless Leader.



about 7 years ago

Such a shame for a group of ladies who work so hard at their sport. Buck up girls and  pull your fishnets up and head on to you next bout with your usual vigor and sas!


about 7 years ago

"Nasty habits," indeed: WFTDA rules [pdf].

6.3.7 - Flailing and sprawling skaters that trip an opponent, regardless of intent.

6.7.2 - Skaters may not use their hands, arms, or legs in any grabbing, holding, linking, or joining fashion in a multi-player block.

6.9.15 - A clockwise block that forces the receiving opposing skater out of her established position. This includes forcing a skater down, out of bounds, or out of relative position.

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