West Duluth 100 Years Ago


The photo above is from 1910. It was almost certainly shot from North 59th Avenue West, near where Tacony Street intersects it. I tried to replicate it with the modern shot below, but trees, fences and houses kept me from shooting at the same spot, and the view is much more limited.


Behind all the trees across the street is a rock outcropping that matches the one in the 1910 photo.

Also, I’m pretty sure these are the same houses on West Eighth Street:



And this row of houses on Elinor Street appears similar, although some are missing in the modern photo:




Bad Cat!

about 10 years ago

These posts are awesome - thanks for sharing! :D


about 10 years ago

Wish I knew who the people were crossing the street in the old photo.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

The gentleman has his coat over his arm. The woman has a baby in a carriage and quite a fancy hat.


about 10 years ago

Very awesome.


about 10 years ago

Agreed. These posts are awesome, Paul. Thanks.

Tom Maloney

about 10 years ago

Paul, I didn't grow up here, but your posts help me feel like a local.  Thanks.


about 10 years ago

Whenever I look at a comparison of streets, I wonder if the people 100 years ago would be disappointed with our "overgrown" trees now. I mean, I look at old Duluth and think it looks scalped. But people were so interested in Conquering the Wilderness, then. They wanted to tame it and bring it under control in a Great Civilization. 

So, would our modern Duluth--with forest regrown in some places, tall tansy and ghost parks like the forgotten park up above the West End--be seen as a regression to them? Would Duluthians of 100 years ago see us collectively as lazy bastards who don't mow enough? Who let the trees grow too wild and cover too much in front of the house?

Charlie Stauduhar

about 5 years ago

I grew up playing on those rocks. My family lived on West 8th behind the rocks. It was the best of playgrounds.

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