Twins on cover of Sports Illustrated




about 12 years ago

But did you hear the new Baseball Project song "Don't Call them Twinkies" sung by Craig Finn?  If they blare that from the loudspeakers I think that might have enough good ju-ju to counteract the curse!


about 12 years ago

Nothing can overcome the SI curse.


about 12 years ago

It's a conspiracy. Pulling the SI curse is the only way to ensure that the Yankees (yet again) go to the show. Nice way to "commemorate" Steinbrenner's passing than with (yet another) World Series win.


about 12 years ago

Odd.  Just as I saw this the Indians suddenly had the bases loaded with no outs...


about 12 years ago

Magic number is now down to 1, and the White Sox are losing right now, so we could clinch tonight. *KNOCK ON WOOD*

Everyone start carrying around horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, or other various lucky charms so we can maybe reverse this "curse."


about 12 years ago

Is this not the most boring cover perhaps ever run by Sports Illustrated? I'm not asking for the swimsuit edition, but something to grab the eye would be more typical, right?  Sports is one of the most visibly dynamic things you could have a magazine about.  Isn't the world crawling with graphic design people?  What happened?

On the other hand, the dullness of this cover may be enough to counteract the curse.

Don Ness

about 12 years ago

I think this is one of the more interesting SI covers I've seen - it's much more so than guys mugging for the camera.  It reminded me of a very modern version of the very first SI cover:  


Curse or not, the Twins are the best team in baseball right now.  Yanks and Rays are going down to the wire - we can prepare for the playoffs.  Should be fun.

Nathan George

about 12 years ago

I like the analogy. The Twins are rolling right now, I think they will have a chance against the Yankees/Rays when it comes to be that time.

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

Wait a minute ... this just in: New York Daily News has jinxed the Yankees!

So, who wins in a curse vs. jinx scenario?

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