Daily Duluth Photo vs. Duluth Daily Photo

It struck me as a little odd a few days ago when a post on PDD announced the creation of Daily Duluth Photo. “Hasn’t that been around for a while?” I thought to myself.

Now the situation has been cleared up in the comments to that post. The previously existing site I was thinking of is Duluth Daily Photo, not Daily Duluth Photo.

Goodness gracious. I don’t think I can handle two photos a day.


Shane Bauer

about 10 years ago

There are soooo many good photographers in the Twin Ports. 
I guess that makes sense.


about 10 years ago

Perhaps the website names could be just a little more different from each other for the benefit of the mildly dyslexic among us?


about 10 years ago

DuDaP vs DaDuP.


about 10 years ago

In the words of Rodney King, "can't we all just get along?"


about 10 years ago

Weird. Strange even. Never heard of the Sun Dog thing at http://duluthdailyphoto.vox.com ... however, having a quck look... it seems that the proposed purpose is different than that of http://dailyduluthphoto.com/

Although both sites appear to be interested in posting a new image daily... the Sun Dog site seems to post an image from the current day, all from the same photog, whereas the other site puts up a new image, not necessarily from that day...  each image selected from among several submissions by different photogs. 

I don't really see it as a versus thing... I mean... not like the Duluth versus Madison... whereas Duluth completely kicks ass, while Madison is pretty good too... right?

Duluth Daily Photo

about 10 years ago


This is Naomi Yaeger.  I am Sun Dog Press and I am the owner of Duluth Daily Photo.  I have been doing Duluth Daily Photo for close to two years.
It is part of the City Daily Photo Project.

The City Daily Photo Project was started by a guy in Paris who started Paris Daily Photo.  He owns the portal to City Daily Photo of which I am a registered member for the city of Duluth. There are cities registered all over the world.

Yes, rnarum, the purpose is to do one photo that says, "Duluth" everyday. (No close ups of flowers, people or pets, or abstracts.) It is in the spirit of documentary photography, which I was trained in as a photojournalist. So everyday I add a photo that I took that day. Some days I have a really cool photo, some days I don't. But the rules are that I have to post one, and only one, photo per day.  It gets to be a challenge when I am really busy, especially in the winter because the sun rises late and sets early and sometimes I don't get a change to get outside before dark.

I have people from different towns and countries who like to see what is posted. I also have followers from Duluth. 

I also am the editor of The Hillsider.  Sun Dog Press is the name I use for my freelance writing and photography.

Tony D.

about 10 years ago

Naomi, an observation: besides the confusion of Duluth Daily Photo and Daily Duluth Photo, did you know there is a Sun Dog Press operating out of Michigan?

Duluth Daily Photo

about 10 years ago

Hi Tony.
Yes, I registered the name in ND, SD, MN and Iowa. There is another one someplace else too.


about 10 years ago

Unfortunately, In this day in age it is almost impossible to have a totally unique name, let alone a unique domain name. This is why some people will buy every domain extension of their URL and anything that sounds like it.

If I had known DuluthDailyPhoto.vox.com existed, I would have chose a different name. Unfortunately, Up until posting to PDD, I had never heard of DuluthDailyPhoto.vox.com

I searched for DailyDuluthPhoto.com on a domain registrar. It was available, so I bought it and started a site dedicated to showing off local talent. I had no intention of sparking controversy or having a name similar to another site. I am not trying to take anything away from Duluth Daily Photo. 

My intention was and still is to provide a fun site that helps get the word out for local and visiting photographers that have captured images of the greater Duluth area. 

I am sorry this happened and really hate to see any ill will over it and am certainly not looking for enemies.


about 10 years ago

Yeah, it seems that it is a bummer about the name similarities, but the point and focus is different. I don't see any specific ill-will anywhere here. As for Sun Dog ... I wish you well ... I completely understand how it can be overwhelming at times. I started a photo-per-day project that I entitled 'one-click' on November 5, 2004 and have been doing it ever since. I've got some great stuff ... but oh have I got some crap too. 

As for dailyduluthphoto ... hats off to you for starting it up and opening it up to the community to participate.

I've been kicking around the idea of a new blog site ... Duluth's-perfect-day.com ... if i only the pesky registrar would let me use an apostrophe ... damn.

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