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The Minnesota Woolen Company Story

The clips above are from the 1959 film The Minnesota Woolen Company, obtained by Perfect Duluth Day via the Kathryn A. Martin Library Archives & Special Collections at the University of Minnesota Duluth and shared with permission from the St. Louis County Historical Society. For those who want to fully nerd out on this, the complete film can be viewed below.

Five-minute excerpt of Minnesota Woolen film from 1959

It’s been more than a year since a post was published on PDD inquiring about the history of Duluth-based clothing manufacturer Minnesota Woolen. The first thing that came out of that post was the discovery that the Northeast Minnesota Historical Center Collection has a 16mm film about the company, but does not have a projector. Well, a projector was found this week and loaned for a little screening.

Jerry Polinsky tries his luck in Atlantic City

Related to Minnesota Woolen Mills posts on Perfect Duluth Day is this December 1978 Corporate Report article.

Jerry Polinsky Tries His Luck in Atlantic City
Considered ‘insolvent’ in Duluth, the former Minnesota Woolens executive is laying heavy bets along the Boardwalk …
By Charles I. Mundale

In early summer 1977, a new hotel corporation was formed in Atlantic City, N.J.

In late summer 1977, an old retailing company bellied up in Duluth, Minn.

Fashion Wagon – Minnesota Woolen

A vintage flannel caught my eye this afternoon while taking a break from work and strolling into the Wise Buys thrift store in Bellingham, Wash. I was shocked to see “Duluth, Minnesota” on the tag. Does anyone know where this was located? I have never heard of it before.  

A quick Google search shows the trademark was registered around 1960 and expired in 1987.

My arms are still itching from trying the shirt on.

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