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Reflectivore – “Ticonderoga” (Live at Homegrown 2017)

“Ticonderoga” is the opening track of Washburn-based Reflectivore‘s self-titled debut album. The band has worked with director by Kjell Kvanbeck of True Norse Films on several videos. The latest uses footage from a live performance at the Red Herring Lounge during the Homegrown Music Festival. It’s the band and director’s “introduction to the live show being a multimedia/multidisciplinary performance.”

A Spring Dance on the Pier in Duluth

Dancer Logan Moniot of Lake Nebagamon is featured in this new music video shot by Jasper Meddock Productions. The song is “Die Trying” by Michl. In the video, Moniot dances along the lighthouse pier in Duluth as if it’s not even cold out.

Latin Dance in Duluth

My girlfriend is new to Duluth and loves to dance. Are there any places that offer Latin Dance lessons or Latin Dance nights? Your suggestions are appreciated!

Behind the scenes at Sheila’s belly dance class

Students warm up their hips and arms, and stretch out their bodies to get ready for belly dancing.

This past Tuesday night women gathered in the Lotus Center to practice one of their passions, belly dancing. The Lotus Center is on the second floor of Global Village on West Superior Street.

The event began with instructor Sheila Matthews leading the women in a warm up to get their hips moving and muscles stretched. Mathews then practiced the basic moves with them, both with and without music. She then had the girls run through a couple of routines that she had choreographed to music. The event ended with a cool down in which every one could practice whatever they wanted to a Shakira song.

Behind the scenes at Salsa Night

Instructor Katie Kero demonstrates to the group the basic step of salsa.

When many people think of Valentine’s Day they think of a box of chocolates, flowers, dinner and maybe a movie. However, some people choose to do other things around the community such as learn to salsa.

Avalon Educational Institute located on W. Superior Street hosted Valentine’s Day salsa night.

“It might make one person’s Valentine’s Day and that is worth it,” said Executive Director and founder of the institute, Justin Markus.

Evening with the Stars?

Hey did anyone ever go to WDIO’s Evening with the Stars in the past couple years? I think the first year was in Greysolon and then it got so big that they moved it to the DECC. It was kind of a spin off of the ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. I haven’t heard an announcement about it this year. Last year it was held on Oct. 18.

I guess all good things come to an end. Sigh. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the event had a big band as well as some other local musicians, with lots of great dancing, a fun night of dressing up, free food, and vendors to check out and play games, etc. My wife and I really enjoyed attending it. We’re sad to see that it doesn’t seem to exist this year.

Looking for dancers

I’m mustering a group of 12 or more dancers for a New-England Contra workshop on Tuesday evenings in March.

Informational flier

‘Shelter’ modern dance performance

Kim Nofsinger’s Shelter Repertory Dance Theatre will be showing its current Minnesota Fringe Fest concert in Duluth this Saturday, Aug. 13, 6 p.m., at the Board of Trade Bldg, 301 W. First Street.

Square Dance Input Request

I just attended my first Monday Night Square Dance in Minneapolis and want to build a similar event in Duluth. I am asking PDD for input on location or other thoughts.

Zumba and bellydance summer classes @ Eman’s Belly Dance Studio

Get in shape for your swimsuit this summer with the high-energy zumba and bellydance classes at Eman’s Belly Dance Studio in Duluth. The summer special is $5 a class when you join up now. Call Eman at 218- 724-2691 or visit emansbellydancing.com.

Salsa Dance Night!!

Last night of salsa dancing at Hellburgers. Sadly Hellburgers is closing down which means that Sept. 21, 2010 is going to be a our last night of dancing there. There will be a salsa lesson from 7pm ’til 8pm for only $5.00 per person. Following the lesson there will be open salsa dancing from 8pm ’til 11pm, free for everyone.

Jitterbug for Jitterbug TONIGHT

Julie "Jitterbug" Pearce Put Life on Hold to do Earthquake Relief in Haiti
Jitterbug for Jitterbug

April 9th, 2010
6 – 11 pm
Peace Church – 1111 N 11th Ave E – Duluth

People of all ages, shapes and sizes will have a chance to learn some basic, advanced and even “trick” swing dance steps taught by a team of professional dancers (rumor has it that the area’s premier mix tape master will also make a guest DJ appearance sometime during the night slinging his favorite swing tunes).

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