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Winona LaDuke: Jingle Dress Dance for the Water

Winona LaDuke talks about the Jingle Dress Dance for the Water, held July 17 in Duluth. Video by Keri Pickett.

Occupy Duluth snafu

The recent post on this site promoting Occupy Duluth appears to not be from anyone representing the actual persons organizing on the ground/in-person as Occupy Duluth. (I say it in such a convoluted fashion because I don’t like giving the impression there is a membership, whoever wants to be part of Occupy Duluth is).

The link given for Facebook is to a group run by a random guy that doesn’t so much as come to our general assembly meetings (so far as I know, no-one I know has even met him in-person).

Oct. 11 Anti-War Protest

Protest the ongoing wars! Bring the troops and war dollars home now! Money for jobs and education – not war and occupation!

Monday, Oct. 11, 5-7pm

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!