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Duluth locations for a first birthday party

I need a location idea for a first birthday party. Something affordable, with convenient parking, able to handle around 30 people (adults and small children). I’m looking for something unconventional, yet realistic.

Doin’ the wash

Where’s a good Laundromat in Duluth? I live in the Central Hillside, but am willing to travel a bit. I was using the one next to Burrito Union, but my clothes seem to smell after washing them there. The new Maytag place on 4th Street is nice, although spendy (and usually busy). What do you suggest?

Camping Gear for Rent in Duluth

I am looking for a business that rents camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, etc.). We are planning a short weekend camping trip and aren’t quite ready to go all out and purchase everything. Is there anywhere in Duluth or Superior that offers this kind of service? Also, is there anywhere that rents small fishing boats?

Public Restrooms

I used the women’s bathroom at ShopKo yesterday and it was the most disgusting experience I have had in a long time.  Of all the stalls, there was only one that was both “clean” and lockable.  There was neither soap nor towels at the sinks.  Nasty.  Which public restrooms do you avoid?

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