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Dog-friendly Duluth

I was reading comments to convince my girlfriend, and saw one reader post that Duluth is sooo dog friendly.

We have just moved from the Twin Cities and I have struggled finding dog-friendly places. Where we lived in the Cities, there were huge dog parks with hiking trails where we could safely let our dog off-leash (and get exercise ourselves), dog-friendly businesses to visit, dog day cares, cafes you could bring your dog, and a lot of special events. (It probably helped that there are publications like Sidewalk Dog to point you in the right direction).

The one tiny dog park in Duluth is inadequate to say the least (we won’t visit again), and while I’ve heard about the Superior Hiking Trail, in many places in Duluth it seems too close to roads to feel comfortable letting my dog off leash (also am not sure how easy it would be to hike it in the winter).

So, dog owners — what are your tips for great places to bring your dog? Where can you let your dog off-leash? I work in Duluth and am staying in Cloquet until we find a permanent place to settle, so am curious about any Cloquet/Esko tips as well.


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