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The 2nd Annual Sound Unseen In’tl Duluth Film+Music+Art Festival

Sound Unseen International Duluth is proud to announce its second annual International Film, Music and Art Festival, presented by Maurices, from June 8-12 in Duluth. Unlike our festival in the Twin Cities, the Duluth festival allows us to expand our programming beyond “films-on-music” (although still included via our In Competition music films) and brings world-class cinema, art and music to the Twin Ports area.

Duluth’s Sound Unseen Film+Music Festival in full swing this weekend!

If you’re wondering what “Sound Unseen” is and are seeing people around town sporting badges, T-shirts, carrying programs and what not — wonder no more! Duluth’s inaugural film + music festival has been underway since Wednesday and you can still come out and be a part of it! Tickets are available at:

Today we’ve got loads of films playing at Spirit of the North Theater at Fitger’s, Zinema 2 and Marshall Performing Arts Center. Also, get ready for some great rock and roll from local darlings the Keep Aways, Twin Cities rockers Gasoline Silver and the electrifying duo of Gay Witch Abortion! All for the very very low price of $5!

Sound Unseen Duluth Film+Music Festival Opening Night is Wednesday, June 2

The staff at Sound Unseen are both very anxious, nervous and incredibly excited to kick-off Duluth’s inaugural international film + music festival at Sacred Heart Music Center! If you are still on the fence about what to do Wednesday night, let us remind you that we’re premiering two films at our Opening Night: locally produced Google Goes to Twin Ports and Feed the Fish!

Sound Unseen opening night approaching!

We can hardly believe our festival will begin a week from today! Eeep! We are buzzing with nervousness and excitement — we truly hope to see all of you out and about! If you haven’t visited our website yet, please do as our full schedule is up and you can download a PDF of our program and a quick music and film schedule to put right in your pocket!

Sound Unseen Int’l Duluth website and ticketing is up!


Thank you all so much for your patience as it took us a bit longer than anticipated to get our website up and fully functioning. Our confirmed film titles are in, along with our full music line-up!

As space is limited to each screening and music event, we highly encourage you to purchase tickets in advance. There is definitely something for EVERYONE at the festival this year and we can’t wait to see you all there.

Sound Unseen Int’l Duluth

Introducing Duluth’s first international film + music festival!

Introducing Sound Unseen, Duluth’s inaugural international film, music and art festival! Our music headquarters will be at Pizza Lucé where a slew of some much anticipated bands will make their debut to Duluth!

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