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Music video shot at the Duluth Owls club

Video by Paul Broman, Unnur Andrea, Ben Marsen, and Kevin Craig.

Spin Collective at Clyde Iron Works with Paul Broman and Kevin Craig

Video by Timothy Johnson

Any good local web designers?

Geckobyte in Duluth is about to put a bunch of Craigslist ads out in some of the bigger cities looking for gun-for-hire work, but we’d much rather pay the local talent if possible. We need someone (or some firm) to make some very professional looking website templates for us. This person must have a portfolio we could look at. We are experiencing a surplus of business at the moment and would like to pull in some cavalry for a bit to help ease the workload. We will pay well for quality work. Hope to find you if you’re out there.

email paul @ thegeck.com if you have questions or want more info. Thanks!

Fire Dancers and Live Electronic/Dubstep

On Friday, April 1, 8:15 p.m., at Clyde Iron Works. Spin Collective performs with live original Dubstep and electronic music by Shaunna Heckman, Paul Broman and Kevin Craig.

Telly for Duluth Google Fiber

The Return of Glass Elevator

Glass Elevator plays around midnight. DJ sets by DJ Focus and David Stromdahl all night 9-2. No Cover!

Awesome Duluth Postcard Site

I’m sure this has been posted before on here, but this is a site I found a few years back. It’s a mind blowing collection of old Duluth postcards:


Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!