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He got married but … you get the presents!

If you haven’t become a member, or even if you have, check this sweet deal out on Blacklist’s Beer+Art Project! Only a few more days left to back this Kickstarter project and make it happen in Duluth!

Blacklist Brewing: Beer + Art Project 2013 Kickstarter Campaign

Blacklist Brewing: Beer + Art Project 2013 is a year-long project that meshes local artisans with beer and the brewing process to create fun and unique collaborations. Featuring a different artist and brew each month, we bring you a drinking experience worth sharing and talking about. “Share the Love, Share the Beer”

Pledge your funds to ensure this project happens in Duluth!

Learn more about the company at blacklistbrewing.com.

Support Amberwing in Memory of Kaj Mikko Mustonen!

Consider donating to the Amberwing project and wear a shirt Grandma’s weekend in memory of Kaj Mikko Mustonen! Follow the link to learn how you can be a part of this great project!

Support Amberwing in Memory of Kaj!

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