Support Amberwing in Memory of Kaj Mikko Mustonen!

Consider donating to the Amberwing project and wear a shirt Grandma’s weekend in memory of Kaj Mikko Mustonen! Follow the link to learn how you can be a part of this great project!

Support Amberwing in Memory of Kaj!



about 7 years ago

Your link seems to be routed wrong, could you fix it? Thanks!


about 7 years ago

Kaj loved running the half for Grandma's. He was loved by many and is sorely missed. Help honor his memory and support a good cause by purchasing a shirt and wearing it while you watch or run Grandma's Marathon.

A rendering of the shirt is below (I am trying to get this attached, check my facebook page for the link to the picture by Megan Ocken Helmen), but the letters on the back will be bolder and www.millerdwanfoundation.org will also be on the front.

On The Limit has generously offered to make the shirts at cost. They will be $15 each, with $9.50 per shirt going directly to the the building of Amberwing. See www.givevoicenow.com

HOW TO ORDER: Email your first and last name and size (Kids, Mens, Womens/S-XXL) to [email protected]

Orders must be received by Sunday, May 22

If you are running and would like a polyester option (Men- Polyester T, Women- Sleeveless V-neck), please make this clear in your order. These will be approximately $24-$28.

Shirts will be available at Last Chance Liquor, on approximately June 1st.

CASH ONLY :) Also, feel free to make additional donations.



about 7 years ago

Thanks.  For whatever reason it was routing me just to facebook, not the specific page,  but it works now, weird.


about 7 years ago

I would just hope that everyone giving a donation is aware that the proposed site is to be located in a parcel that was once in "conservation" but has since been sold by the County. Thanks Fink. It is (was) a real nice sugar maple forest. It's the last and nicest remnant of what was mostly bulldozed for campus housing.


about 7 years ago

All typical zoning bureaucracy crap aside, I think this is awesome...I and some friends are running the half and will gladly wear the shirts and donate.  

I was stumped on how to actively help the foundation last fall, and this correlates perfectly with running the half marathon. Thanks Elissa!
-Steve Karels

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