Minnesota Point Lighthouse has been old for a long time

This ad appeared in the Duluth Herald newspaper 100 years ago — Sept. 4, 1920. The Minnesota Point Lighthouse was built in 1858, and it seems its deterioration happened largely in its first 62 years.

Considering the shape it was in a century ago, it’s been holding up well. Below are 1920 and 2020 views.



about 3 weeks ago

For the purpose of comparison, here's another recent pic taken from virtually same angle.


about 3 weeks ago

There are a lot of spirits roaming out there and beyond. Just saying.

Paul Lundgren

about 3 weeks ago

Here's another side-by-side comparison using Rij's photo. When I did my comparison I was kind of under the impression that another section had broke off the top in the past century, reversing the unevenness, but now I'm not so sure. I think I'm in Rij's camp in the belief that the lighthouse hasn't crumbled much since 1920. 

We might need a post in which we compare every photo that has ever been shot of the lighthouse in order to fully geek out.

Gina Temple-Rhodes

about 3 weeks ago

You can still see a windowledge. This story indicates that around 1902 the top cast iron lantern section was removed; it seems odd that they didn't just knock down the whole thing, and that it hasn't really changed much since that time. 

Gina Temple-Rhodes

about 3 weeks ago

Here's a different perspective, from 1904. Looks much the same. 

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