Bankruptcy in the West End and the Horse You Rode in On

Here’s a little something for bankruptcy law nerds and fans of commerce in western Duluth circa the early 1980s. One would pretty much have to be fanatical about both to read through the full document linked here …

United States Bankruptcy Court, D. Minnesota, Fifth Division
Jun 7, 1985
52 B.R. 501 (Bankr. D. Minn. 1985)

… but perhaps the summary below will suffice for the average Duluthian.

From 1974 to 1980, Mario Angelo Rossetti operated the Kellerhuis Saddle Shop at 2027 W. Superior St. in the Friendly West End of Duluth, “dealing in saddles, boots, and riding tack.” That location is presently Two Loons Gallery and Boutique.

Early in 1981, Shirley Mae Egan bought the business. Within a couple months she formed a corporation — The Horse You Rode in On, Inc. — and transferred all of the business inventory, fixtures and accounts receivable to the corporation, without mentioning it to the previous owner. Well, the terms of the sale of the business had Egan assuming about $15,000 of accounts receivable and owing $35,000 to Rossetti, and a security agreement stated the inventory was collateral on Egan’s debt.

From there things gets confusing, and in summary let’s just say it doesn’t end well. Read the case document if you’re interested enough to invest a half hour of your life into it. For everyone else, this is just to say that there used to be a business in the West End called the Horse You Rode in On.

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