Dylan Thomas – “Duluth Street”

It’s not easy to find reliable information online about musician Dylan Thomas, since he shares the name of a famous Welsh poet. But what seems to be the case is that in 2007 Thomas released the album Pieces of an Overhead View, featuring a song with Duluth in the title and the lyrics.

Oddly, at least five different album release dates can be found online, so 2007 is just a vague guess. The specific release date could be Dec. 31, 2005; June 1, 2007; July 1, 2007; Sept. 25, 2007; or Nov. 30, 2015.

But as vague as the online info about the pop singer Dylan Thomas might be, there does seem to be pretty specific detail on soundclick.com about the story behind the song “Duluth Street.”

I wrote this song about the great city of Montreal. Duluth Street is in Montreal. My first experience travelling, and I’ll never forget it. I chased a girl halfway around the world to see her, and I had the most wonderful time. I came home and I was scared of losing everything that had happened to me. So I wrote a song about my experiences there.

Presumably Duluth Street in Montreal, L’avenue Duluth if you please, gets it’s name from either the city of Duluth or Daniel de Gresolon, the Sieur du Lhut, so the song has a vague Duluth, Minn. connection.

At any rate, the lyrics are below:

If you follow love when it walks out your door
You may find yourself where you’ve never been before

Where heavy eyes and exhilaration came to meet
I stood staring down an empty street

Out in the street
Everyday life got me so high
Out in the street
I came believe my life was a magical story

Duluth Street on a Friday evening for two a table is set
The mystery of love is hard to forget

The days just fold on over me
Casually numbing my sense of reality
Lord keep me in a place of always seeing
The glory in just being

Out in the street
In a distant land faraway from home
With nothing but a backpack and plane ticket to call my own
I had an adventure that changed everything I’d come to know

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