Duluth Trivia Deck Sampler #11

Below are more items from an old trivia deck I bought at Savers.

1. How far out onto Lake Superior can the light atop Enger Tower be seen?

2. Who was the first postmaster for the Duluth region?

3. How man grain elevators were on Duluth’s waterfront at the turn of the twentieth century?

4. When was the Duluth Peony and Iris Society founded?

5. In what building did JFK speak in Duluth?

6. Who began conducting the DSSO in ‘seventy-seven?



about 5 years ago

My high school math teacher was always trying to tell us that trigonometry had many practical applications and now when one finally arrives, I have no idea where to begin, so I'll have to take a zero on question one, but I have answers for 4, 5, and 6:

4. 1929
5. The UMD Field House
6. Taavo Virkhaus

David Beard

about 5 years ago

Here is the answer to those, as per the cards...
1915 (but the cards have been wrong before)
Taavo Virkhaus

Any guesses on the first three?


about 5 years ago

Guesses for:
#1.  31.4 miles on a clear day

#2  Joshua B. Culver, July 6, 1857 

#3  28 grain elevators


David Beard

about 5 years ago

The cards say... twenty five miles
Edmund Ely
thirty three

The discrepancy on number two means we need Tony and Zenith City Online...  Tony?

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