Delivering Mail on Minnesota Point in Winter

Never mind the seasonal sentiment, this postcard was sent in the summer. It was in the trusted hands of the United States Postal Service 110 years ago, traveling from Duluth to South Dakota. It was postmarked at Duluth on Sept. 4 and received in Carthage, S.D. on Sept. 6, 1907.

Gussie Marsh wanted his cousin Charlie Anderson to know he was fine and dandy.

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about 6 years ago

That's pretty impressive. It currently takes 6 to 7 days for my Duluth Comfort Systems bill to go from my house in Woodland to their office on Garfield Avenue. The reason for this ridiculousness is that the Post Master General decided that it was more cost-effective for Duluth's mail to be sorted in St. Paul. The reality is that Bush II signed a bill requiring the USPS to pre-fund all health and pension benefits for their employees  75 years into the future. Employees that have not been born yet will have their retirement package waiting for them. This was done to deliberately hobble the postal system. USPS does not get an annual budget appropriation from Congress. Your tax dollars are not paying for it as they are self-sustaining. Until you factor in the absurd pre-funding requirement. No other department is required to do this. The USPS budget would be running in the black were it not for this mandate. The only way to keep the post office open under this burden is to keep cutting service. Can you imagine Fed Ex, UPS or any other private company guaranteeing delivery  to every recorded address in the country?

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