Duluth’s Cascade Hotel


“Your home when you’re in Duluth” is the Cascade, “the friendly hotel.” Located on the corner of First Avenue West and Third Street, it features “kitchenette apartments – hotel rooms” that are “transient – residential.”

Miss Dorothy Kolb was the recipient of this postcard, way down south in Saltillo, capital of the Mexican state of Coahuila. It was sent to her July 20, 1958, from her daddy, who the day before wrote:

Since we don’t work Saturdays at the chromotype, Jim and I have driven up here to Duluth, Minn. We took a sightseeing cruise around the lake. Mother sent me the letter you had written to her. It’s a nice letter and I’m glad you are using your stationary.


Below is a modern image of the building from apartments.com.


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it's like Durian

about 7 years ago

Fall 1976 The Cascade was used for overflow dorm for UMD male students - must have been about 12 of us for Fall & Winter Quarter and then some. We were moved to campus as room was made available in dorms when students dropped out. Memorable times....hookers down the hall, seedy  SRO types and usual West 3rd & 4th street experiences - plus drinking age was 18 then.  Ahh, higher education!

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