Devil’s Kettle Falls Drone Flyover

Quick drone flyover at Devil’s Kettle Falls on the Brule River in Judge C. R. Magney State Park on the North Shore of Lake Superior. This specific set of falls, about 20 minutes east of Grand Marais, draws visitors far and wide for it’s unique mystery: half the river disappears into a hole (kettle) and no one knows where all that water goes.

As the water falls the river slightly divides by a rhyolite rock knob in the middle of the river. The eastern side of the river (left side if looking downstream) flows over two-step waterfall and continues into Lake Superior. The western side of the river (right side looking down stream) mysteriously drops into a hole in the rock and is never seen again. Scientists and others have tried many experiments to determine where the water goes, but all attempts have proven fruitless. Colored dyes, logs, ping pong balls, GPS trackers and more have been thrown into the river and sucked into the abyss only to never be seen again.

It’s a lot of water to disappear into a kettle. Some say the underground river comes out about 1.5 miles away on the shore of Lake Superior, but it has never been proven.

There have been a couple nonfiction books that have alluded to the Devil’s Kettle, which has added to the popularity of the mysterious waterfall. Unraveled Sleeve by Monica Ferris and Jennifer’s Body by Audrey Nixon are two I have heard about.

So where does it all that water go?

Video & Photos by Liftoff Aerials Media Group – an FAA 333 exempt company allowed to fly drone commercially.



about 7 years ago

Is anyone aware of what research, if any, has been done on the pothole? Has anyone ever dropped some GPS/altimeter linked devices in to see where they go? Or even just some sticks painted brightly so they're clearly distinguishable if they pop up down stream...or out in Lake Superior ... or in China?

Seems crazy we don't know where that water goes.


about 7 years ago

That is the crazy part. Dye, floaty things, none of it comes out in the lake. GPS would loose signal. When I was up there last time it was bigger than I remember as a lad. But you know the natives tossed a number of folks in there, enemies or whathaveyou, some guy who diddled your wife or daughter. If you were lucky they tossed you off Palisades. That's just how they rolled. And who are we to judge if they didn't have the technology to make an iron maiden? So they used what nature offered them.

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