Summer Music in Review

The summer is over, and there is so much music I heard that I have not yet written about here.

The most complicated performance of the summer, for me, was watching Tim Kaiser and Robot Rickshaw at Beaners. (All the videos that follow are not the performances I saw, but just tasters.)

It was a study in noise and the relationship between noise and music. The Robot Rickshaw is an entirely automated noise troop — and by that I mean, the music is cacophonous, rather than melodic. There is rhythm, but the instruments tend toward competing rhythms, not complementary ones.  I leave the Rickshaw having endured something challenging. 

Kaiser, on the other hand, treats noise as part of soundscape and melody, figure and ground, in the development of compositions that are beautiful. I leave Kaiser having enjoyed something challenging.  (It’s kind of like other music I like: Throbbing Gristle is “having endured something challenging,” but Coil’s “Love’s Secret Domain” is “having enjoyed something challenging.”

Adam Booker had his CD release party last weekend.

But it was in Minneapolis. I was in Minneapolis, but I smelled like the State Fair and stayed away.  But I love Adam and hope he does us a solid and celebrates Unraveled Rival up here somehow.

I watched Emily Jayne play the Thirsty Pagan.  The venue stresses me out, some — so loud, but Emily has the voice to fill a room no matter than ambient noise level.  I’m told she also played out at Tycoons, but I refuse to eat at restaurants owned by one of the partners in that operation.

While Emily has been playing solo for a while, I understand she’s rehearsing with a band again.

Because their happy hour and half-price sushi is so awesome, I often listen to the Maxi Childs Trio at Blackwater.

Among their number is Darin Bergsven, whom I often listen to on Wednesdays at Dubh Linn.

Darin has been kind enough to learn to play the theme to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which is usually played on banjo.  When he plays, if I have my pocket Sonic Screwdriver, you will see me hold it over my head the way other people hold lighters when “Freebird” is played.

(Not Darin playing one of my favorite tunes)

At beer, I swear I heard that Darin and Elias Mokole were jamming in practice sessions…

… but the selection of music was so unworthy (e.g. so 1970s rock), I am hopeful they will consider, perhaps, some tunage more worthy of their talents.

If they need some suggestions for “Sonic Screwdriver-worthy tunage…”

Don’t just take my word for it.  UK#1 single, 1988 (#66 in the US).  According to Wikipedia, Melody Maker described it as “pure, unadulterated agony … excruciating”;[7] Sounds reasoned that it was “a record so noxious that a top ten place can be its only destiny”, calling it a “rancid reworking of ancient discs”.[8] The record also reached number two in Australia[9] and number 10 in Norway.[10] Selectmagazine later reported that “Doctorin’ the Tardis” sold over a million copies.[11]  

Maybe don’t take my advice.

I didn’t catch Hedwig and the Angry Inch this weekend (because, again, I was smelling like the State Fair), but I understand it rocked.  In the musician section was the drummer from Fearless Moral Inventory, who have been playing out a lot this summer, and for good reason.  Now put a damn video of the current lineup on YouTube and I will link it.

Anyway. Who have you watched this summer, and why do they rock?

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