Landscape photographer Peter Lik is on the North Shore

Photographer Peter Lik, who has shot some of the world’s most incredible landscapes, was on the North Shore of Lake Superior this week. Lik has shot along the shore in the past. Below are two of those works.

Peter Lik Lake Superior - Soul

“Lake Superior” 2003
Peter LIk Lake Superior 2003

And here are some of Lik’s other works.

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about 8 years ago

The male Australian accent should be treated like the disease that it is in American pop culture and wiped clean with the force of a thousand plagues. We should at least be revoking their visas and diverting them to Liberia or New Guinea where you can see some real shit.
Besides, I don't think I can ever appreciate American landscape photography again, so overused are images of canyons mountains rivers lakes. What this guy has photo'd in the US represents the nut of what has become the largest dung heap of cliche images ever assembled. Whoever spent six million on his picture instead of schools for poor kids or puppy shelters should be shot on sight.

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