2014: The Year in Duluth Gig Posters

2014 Duluth Gig Posters

This is by no means a comprehensive collection of the past year’s gig posters, just 126 of them that caught my eye.

If there’s a good one I missed, upload it to the comments. Click any thumbnail below to see the full-size image.

Also available for online perusal: 2013 in Gig Posters and the monster collection from 2012 on back to the dawn of time … or 1976.

Strange - Wolf Blood - American Rebels Steve Augeri at Clyde Iron Works St Patricks Day Spurs Sarah Krueger album release Sara Krueger at Red Star 2014 Run Westy Run at Rex Bar 2014 Rock Out Autism at Clyde Iron Works Roadkill Boys at Clyde Dead Skull 2014 2014 Retirement Party for Beckman and Heiko Rachael Kilgour Sad Songs 2014 Portrait of a Drowned Man Portrait of a Drowned Man - Homegrown 2014 Portrait of a Drowned Mad Polka Fest 2014 Poetry Motel Pledge Empire Records at Red Star PlayList Phillip of Nazareth at Beaner's Pete Fest 2014 Nur Jehan Chishti New Year's Revival New Standards Holiday Show Mr Kickass - Horse and Rider - the Farsights 2014 Mel Annala Mary Bue and Ben Cosgrove Manheat Low-Gain - Tim Kaiser - Dirty Knobs - Zeitgeist Experiments - Low and Sun Kil Moon at Karpeles Local Bands Local Brews Lake Place Summer Sounds 2014 KPT Red Star Josh Thompson at Clyde Iron Works Johnny Holm Band at Grandma's Sports Garden 2014 John & Andy Jazz at the Toga Jack Campbell Drive release Industry.Peace.Environment. Ides of March 2014 Howling Moon Music Festival 2014 Hot Buttered Run at Rex Bar Homegrown-TC-Invasion Hobo Nephews at the Rex Bar Haunted Herring Howl-oween hairball_11x17_2013 Grand Minnesota Taste Together Gomez Fire Fundraiser 2014 Glenn Maloney Live at Homegrown 2014 Fuel at Clyde Iron Works 2014 Fractal Fridays at Clyde Iron Works Fever Dream Beaners 2014 Fathom Lane and Fontanelles at Red Herring Lounge Eric Paslay at Grandma's Dubh Linn Street Dance 2014 Dosh Diorama-rama 2014 Dave Ujke at Tom's Burned Down Danecdote at the Red Star Company Costume Cloud Cult Chuck Lazarus Quartet - Weber Music Hall Charlie Parr in Ely 2014 Charlie Parr at Carmody Charlie Parr at Beaner's Central Cars & Trucks Carmody Sessions with Josh Nickila 2014 Carlton Daze 2014 Caleb Wood Buckcherry at Clyde Iron Works Brian Howe at Clyde Iron Works 2014 Bone Appetit Reunion at RT Quinlans Blitzen Trapper at the Rex Bar Bliss - Fever Dream - Red Herring Bliss - Already Missing Big Wave Dave at the Reef Big Wave Dave at the Owls Club Big Top Chatauqua 2014 Becky Barksdale Beaner's One Week Live 2014 Bayfront Reggae Festival 2014 Awesome Fest 2014 Atmosphere Andrew W.K. at Rex Bar Alan Sparhawk -American Cream - Dirty Knobs - Zeitgeist Experiments - After Shock at the Gopher Adam Sippola Cosmic Loopening Adam Sippola at Red Herring Actual Wolf and Frankie Lee A Winter Downpour at Dubh Linn A Place to Call Home A Band Called Truman at Central Hillside Park Black-eyed Snakes at Pizza Luce 2014 Zeitgeist Arts Five-year Anniversary Music Monday YelawolfB Wood Blind Single Release Wolf Blood Winter Dance Party 2014 Wicked Inquistion - Ire Wolves - Gin Street - Red Star 2014 White Iron Band at Pizza Luce White Hydra Reunion 2014 Warm Up to the Brews 2014 vivielle-teatro-2014 Veil-of-Maya uprising-rex Umbrella Cloud Musik Festival turbo-rathvon-twins-bar Troy Rogers - Drohm - Zeitgeist Experiments Transistor Anti-Valentine's 2014 Trampled by Bayfront 2014 Toki Wright at Pizza Luce Todd Eckart Vintage Christmas Show 2014 Todd Eckart at Sammy's Todd Eckart as Elvis at Bridgeman's Theory of a Deadman at Clyde Iron Works The Webbs at Red Star Lounge The Ska-Skank Redemption The People Say Fox The Jimmys The Irrisistibles Sweet Soul Show at Clyde The Hold Steady The Grrrl Band The Fractals Concert in the Park The Acceleratii at Spurs Tech Nine at Clyde Iron Works Teach Me Equals at Red Herring Tangier 57 Homegrown 2014 2014



about 9 years ago

I'm loathe to suggest anything could possibly be more important than gig posters, as this looks to be what PDD is about to cap 2014 with,  but wouldn't it be nice if there was a postal summary of this last year's Duluth events?  Shirley something happened here in Duluth this last year that didn't involve the exhausting band scene shtick?  I love art too, but you know, didn't the otters have their nails clipped or something? 

I will say this about the posters, almost every one looks digitized. And as I sort of prefer analog, mourn the loss of hands-on in 2014. Did anyone make a poster without their shmart phone? Somebody make one the old fashioned way please for the love of christ. Can't.Be.That.Hard.


about 9 years ago

Digitals, or Analogs?  Who cares when they turn out like Fractal Fridays. I'd hang that on my wall!

Gotta love Hobo Nephews, and Charlie's stuff, too.


about 9 years ago

Here's one of the many punk flyers from this year.


about 9 years ago

Yeah mannequin or real person, I'd hit that shit either way too Zed. Maybe you just think Vincent Price looks awesome in goggles, and I'd have to agree. I'm actually a greater VP fan than BP.  If there's a reason Rick Allen's art looks better than all these, it's probably because he spends more than five minutes on it. Could be a clue. Turbo's poster is nice.


about 9 years ago

Love the gig posters! The art of rock and roll is what helps to create the mythology. Thank you for posting!

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