Photo Tour of Nopeming

Nopeming photo by Andrew Perfetti

Photographer Andrew Perfetti has posted an interesting series of photos of his time “discovering the abandoned hospital on the hill.”

For background, there’s a history of Nopeming on Zenith City Online. Also, check out Substreet’s “The Nopeming Stories: Recollecting a Century of Use and a Decade of Abandonment.”

Nopeming Chateau Roof



about 7 years ago

These scenes look like they're out of the horror video game Bioshock.


about 7 years ago

Very cool. I've always wanted a look inside Nopeming. Reminds me of some of the Detroit ruins.


about 7 years ago

I'm absolutely fascinated by abandoned buildings and want to explore them, but also want to do it safely/responsibly. Does anyone know of any local resources for this?


about 7 years ago

Regarding the Nopeming Pictures:

I was just contacted by someone involved in the property that they are unhappy that these photos have been circulated because they are concerned that so much attention to the building is going to cause an increase in vandalism and trespassing etc. I need to clarify that Nopeming is private property and trespassing currently a big problem at the property and it will not be tolerated. I was invited to meet the owner, caretaker and a group of people who are trying to gather interest and involvement to help repurpose and reinvest in the building. It is during that meeting that I was allowed to take some pictures of the building and take part in a discussion about how we can help protect as well as promote interest in bringing it back to use in various different areas.

This building is an important part of local history and a memorable part of the lives of countless people who have memories of loved ones who were cared for at the facility. Currently the building is in a state of decay but there exists a dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about bringing the building back from its current state and developing it into something sustainable and beneficial to the community. They are currently looking for volunteers and investors to help gather momentum in this cause. I regret that I did not explain this earlier as it is very important and would have helped spread the word about these efforts better. I am very surprised about the amount of attention that these photos have gotten, but I hope that people will realize that Nopeming is someone's private property and needs to respected and not trespassed on. It is not an opportunity for photographers, or a playground for paranormal enthusiasts or explorers. It is an opportunity for growth and renewal. It needs our help and it needs our respect.

Anyone interested in getting involved with the redevelopment of this beautiful building can email helpourvision @ for more information about how you can help.

Please respect the privacy and sanctity of Nopeming. Remember that it is private property and you will be arrested for trespassing if you are found on the property without permission.


Andrew Perfetti - Photographer


about 7 years ago


Trespassing legally and safely? If you find a way, I would be glad to join you. 

I think Detroit would be a hotspot for this kind of thing right now.


about 7 years ago

Figuring out how to do something legally has never been one of my better skills...

Kim S

about 6 years ago

I really love the interest in the old building and the "ghost stories." No matter what it is, people of course should respect the sanctity of private property. I wish I had lots of money to afford the purchase and rebuilding/reconstruction of the property and properly use it for the Duluth area.  Somehow use the place for the betterment of the area involved and preserve it!

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