Fox Kit from Park Point

Fox Kits in Need

This is the little fox kit Wildwoods got several nights ago, after he was hit by a car out on Park Point. Though he has no obvious fractures, he cannot stand. He has also been acting as if he might be blind. He and his brother (who was hit by a car this morning) both went to see Dr. Jeanetta. He still isn’t using his right front leg perfectly, and knuckling under on that side, but is bearing weight on the left front paw. Though he is still blind, we encouraged by his progress!

Another, orphaned fox kit has left for the Cities,
headed to a rehabber who specializes in foxes, and has many buddies for him to grow up with.

Neighbors Pitch In

The fox den where the 2 injured kits came from this week isn’t far from a busy street. It seemed just a matter of time before the 4 remaining curious kits were injured or killed by passing cars as they explored the world near their den.

Thanks to the concerned human neighbors of the foxes, the kits now have some protection. After Wildwoods volunteer Ginger got the neighbors together, they came up with a plan and put it into action.

Using material the neighbors donated, as well as materials Ginger and her boyfriend Kevin purchased with the neighbors’ monetary contributions, they put up a fence to screen the den site from the street (though of course not fence it off completely).

We hope this fence will keep the playful kits from wandering into the street as they frolic near their home. And we hope that we will soon be able to reunite their brother with the rest of his family.

Thanks so much to Rory, and to Marcia, Rebecca, Ginger, and Kevin for making this happen. It’s so nice to know that we live in a community where people value and help their neighbors of all kinds and species!

Help Wildwoods continue to be there for wild ones in need! Come to our celebration/fundraiser June 7 at Hartley Nature Center!

You can also make a tax-deductible gift to Wildwoods here.



about 5 years ago

Have I told you how much I love you guys? Tons. Thanks for all that you do.

[email protected]

about 5 years ago

Consider joining us, one and all, at our orientation, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6pm at Solon Campus Center 6, UMD.


about 5 years ago

The Facebook event link does not appear to be working (I think you put the link for your general Events feed, which will not show for anyone else). Could you give some details, as I'd love to go to this!
And again, thanks for all the awesome work you guys do!!!

Paul Lundgren

about 5 years ago

Try again. I think I fixed the link.

You can also find the event in the PDD Calendar. There aren't a ton of specific details, but the general gist is: local foods, craft beers, a silent auction and live music.

rhetoricgu[email protected]

about 5 years ago

We have sad news. As you know, after 2 Park Point fox kits were struck and injured by cars last week, nearby Park Point neighbors mobilized, and, with the help of a Wildwoods volunteer, put up a temporary fence to keep the den safe. However, the den is on tax-forfeited county land, and the county was not pleased. 

Park Point residents told us that folks from the St Louis County Land and Minerals Department showed up this afternoon and took down the temporary fence. Although this solution had been effective in keeping fox kits from the nearby road and was only to be there a few weeks, the County does not allow fences under any circumstances on tax-forfeited land. 

We apologize to the St. Louis County Land Department for any perceived misuse of the land, but felt this very temporary solution was working and would be removed once the den was vacated in a couple of weeks. 

One baby fox died last week and another is recovering at Wildwoods as a result of car strikes near this den. Wildwoods will not be able to release the recovering fox back to this den this week without a safeguard such as the fence in place, and we must now explore other, less desirable options. Thank you to the Park Point residents who we have worked with over the past two weeks--you have been very compassionate and solution-oriented. We hope you understand that our volunteers tried hard for a solution here. We are so sorry...


about 5 years ago

Jesus.  Am I allowed to swear excessively on this site?

What the fuck were they thinking? Nice job, St. Louis county. Would someone like to explain this stupid, mean, brainless decision?

[email protected]

about 5 years ago

Update from Wildwoods:

Thank you so much to St. Louis County! They have generously granted us permission to re-erect the temporary fence to safeguard the fox den and the kits while they grow into their "street smarts."


about 5 years ago

Yay! I'm sure they were only doing their job ("Hey, what's this fence doing here?") and not realizing that it was intended to be a temporary help to the fox family.

Once again, yay to Duluth (& St. Louis county) for  letting common sense (and compassion) rule over bureaucracy!

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