Historic barred owl!

Wildwoods was brought a barred owl yesterday (deceased, unfortunately, likely from a window collision). This owl, when already at least 1 year old, was banded at Hawk Ridge by Dave Evans back in 1998. Based on this, he is at least 16-17 years old, and the third oldest barred owl on record.

We are sorry that a window claimed his life, but glad that he had lived such a long one. We loved that we could learn something about him from the science of bird banding. Thank you to Dave Evans and the other bird banders of HRBO!

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about 8 years ago

I brought in a deceased barred owl to wildwoods today, which I was later told was banded in 1997 and was informed of this all--today!  It may have possibly possibly suffered a broken neck from flying into a window, and ended up recovering, and hence freezing to death, at the door of my sauna.  Very interesting stuff.  Are we talking about the same deceased barred owl?  Of so I encountered it last n


about 8 years ago

I found one last night and brought it to wildwoods this afternoon and was informed just a few hours later that it was banded in 1997 and would be 17 years old now.  Are we talking about the same barred owl?


about 8 years ago

Very kool, woodtick and rhetoricguy! Barreds are beautiful and incredible creatures. I had the fortunate/unfortunate experience of picking up a car-hit Barred from the middle of a metro-area highway. It was dead with an apparent broken neck but otherwise undamaged. . . a sad occasion but, oh, what a rare opportunity to have a close look at this wonderful creature. I know to some it will sound silly and pompous for me to say that I felt honored to be able to show my respect, and I that I was honoring this beautiful bird by preventing further indignity at the hands (or front bumpers) of the Humans. Despite the sad circumstances, I hope you too had a chance to enjoy one of Mother Nature's amazing creatures before returning it to the earth that it came from.

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