So, was it horrible or wonderful?

During a spring in which the weather in Duluth was truly horrible, the movie Duluth is Horrible ironically opened on an incredibly gorgeous day. So, what did those of you who ducked out of the sun think of the flick?


Don Ness

about 9 years ago

It was well done - technically solid, characters were interesting, and fun to see some fellow Duluthians on the (fairly) big screen.  Vincent seems like a talented, authentic guy - I appreciate that he came back for this screening.  I enjoyed it.


about 9 years ago

Perhaps some Duluthians should get a kickstarter going to make a loose sequel to "Duluth is Horrible" called "Vincent Gargiulo is an Okay Fella."


about 9 years ago

Vincent frames things well, literally and figuratively. He was clear that he creates according to the visions in his head whether it makes sense or not. Mass audiences be damned. That was evident in Horrible as with his earlier stuff that was shown. It's kind of like watching SNL for the few bright moments. The parts that are bad are excruciatingly long. Overall, Vincent's work, including Horrible, falls along the old artist's bar line: Would you like to see my etchings? They are that and nothing more.

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

I've heard some critics had a problem with Lawrence Lee's head getting in the way.

Down in front, buddy! Who do you think you are, Tom Servo?

(Photo by Clint Austin, Duluth News Tribune. See: 'Duluth is Horrible' debuts at Zinema 2.)


about 9 years ago

I'd like to donate $25 to "Vincent Gargiulo is An Ok Fella."

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