New stuff in Canal Park

The Rustic Olive, an olive oil and balsamic vinegar bar, opened in the Paulucci Building on Dec. 8. The store doesn’t have a sign or a website, but both are coming soon. There is a Facebook page, though. The owners are Tom and Tami Thoma. They have another store in Wisconsin.

Emily and Joel Vikre are planning to open a distillery next to the Rustic Olive. What kind of “spirits” will be distilled is left vague on the Vikre Distillery website, but bourbon and gin are the words on the street. Apparently the state legislature has work to do before Vikre is allowed to offer samples.

One block away, Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe is apparently looking to add a few intoxicating beverages to its offerings. Next week’s Duluth City Council meeting agenda includes a resolution “approving the issuance of an on sale wine license and issuing a 3.2 percent malt liquor license.”

Of course, we are morally obligated to remind you that Canal Park remains a Skateboarders GTFO area.



about 10 years ago

Bourbon and gin are both very nice words.


about 10 years ago

It's about time, Amazing Grace. Kind of a no-brainer 10 years late.

When's the next hell ride, Damage?

Terry G.

about 10 years ago

I always thought a good Aquavit distillery would be great here.


about 10 years ago

Is it silly they'll be allowing Segways and not skateboards, or just goofy?  A provision for longboards? Why does Canal Park have to come across like a Disney ad?  I 'hate' upper middle class American tourists probably more than emotional folk psychers.  But God I love me a good late April Noreaster. This one buds for you Frankie the Weatherman.

Apparently, the city thinks the Grace is Utah, or the Mouse. But that doesn't surprise me at all. What a bunch of pansies. 

 Two words: Lake Side.


about 10 years ago

Barrett, you should ask Amazing Grace if they're going to add enclosed or partially closed booths along with their new line of intoxicants.

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