Meeting Charlie Parr

Check out the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank page to throw a few euros at this documentary about Duluth’s own Charlie Parr.

There’s also a website for the project at and a Facebook page.



about 11 years ago

This town cracks me up. All I could think when watching that video was, "Hey, Eldest Child has babysat his bambinos! That door is where I watch to pick her up!  

The banality of Duluth stardom.


about 11 years ago

Great video production.


about 11 years ago

I don't understand the fist comment. Pardon my carpetbagger mentality.


about 11 years ago

I mean that, as has been said before, the town is so small that we forget the "stars" amongst us are so well-known out there in the rest of the world. 

Or I should speak for myself, I guess. I don't get out much.


about 11 years ago

(And the Parrs' front door, until recently, is where I pick up the babysitter in my household after she's done babysitting. So to see it in a French film, as a Place Amazing Musician Lives, is funny to me.)


about 10 years ago

Charlie Parr is indeed a very nice package. I'm glad someone with the verbal acumen was finally able to put it into words for me.  It's almost a 'christ-like' understanding of the man himself.

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