Where to Find Wild Rice in Duluth

My parents are up in town this weekend and wanted to know where to get good wild rice. They indicated they wanted cracked broken pieces and whole grain. I am by no means a wild rice expert. Can anyone help?



about 8 years ago

The Whole Foods Co-op has a couple varieties of local wild rice.


about 8 years ago

A variety of gas stations carry wild rice. I believe the Holiday station on 26th east would have what you needed.


about 8 years ago

Just a word of caution-- not all wild rice is from Minnesota, and not all wild rice is equal. Purists prefer hand-harvested, hand-parched wild-harvested rice. Other kinds you can find up here are grown in Canada and California, so read the label. Also, much of the Canadian and Californian "wild rice" is cultivated commecially, sometimes in man-made ponds, and often using mechanical harvesting. There are several local sources of wild rice- going to the co-op or buying direct from a tribe is your best bet.


about 8 years ago

Even Cub Foods has some MN-local brands.

What makes wild rice "good"?

Luce used to make a chicken/wild-rice soup that I thought was pretty good. Do they still make it?


about 8 years ago

Like jen said... Hand harvested,  hand parched, Minnesota Lake rice. It will have longer, somewhat lighter colored grains than paddy rice. Accept no substitute. It will be much more expensive. But it is worth it. Cooks much faster, pumps up more, is a completely different product. Mount Royal fine foods has the real deal as does Black Bear Casino (I believe). I think you also may be able to buy from the tribal center in Cloquet, but it is not prepackaged and may only be in the fall.


about 8 years ago

Russ Kendell's Fish Market in Knife River has some nice authentic Minnesota wild rice.  It's also worth the drive just for the scenery.


about 8 years ago

Spirit Lakes Products is one of your best bets for real wild rice. Most of what is sold in the stores is cultivated rice, which is not the same as far as cooking, or taste at all. 

Yes it costs more, but there is good reason for it. cook up a batch of store stuff, and a batch of hand-parched wild rice and you too will see the difference.


about 6 years ago

I'll second Spirit Lake wild rice.  The website is down right now, but I've gotten their wild rice and maple syrup at the farmer's market on 14th Avenue East before.

The wild rice in the bulk bin at the Whole Foods Co-op is also excellent. I can't remember the source off the top of my head, but it is definitely from Minnesota.

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